So Ive started  my trip up too Nyc for my party on April 30th in Nyc at Fusion Lounge.  So I decided since I was going to drive to stop at Adult store’s to not only promote my DVD’s but my Toy Line with Doc Johnson.  So my first city is Pittsburgh and it’s been many year’s since I’ve been here.  I priced a nice hotel with an awesome top floor view and was ready to start shooting not only new photo’s for my website but hit the store’s also.   My photographer Erik drove so we packed up the car with some promo stuff after we did a a store search on PornFinder.  It said there were three stores downtown off Liberty or Blvd. of the Allies.  The two off Liberty were closed but we found an Adults Mart on 346 Blvd. of the Allies.  So we opened up the door went up the stairs and it was a small location with a focus on Video Booths.  Instantly I checked out the DVD section and there were no Hot Wendy Production DvD’s, none I’ve starred in however they did have a few new releases from Evil Angel and Mancini Productions.  They also did not have any of my Lickable body sprays.  I will say the guy behind the desk was very friendly, smiling and of the three was the most personable.  So we made our way to the car and headed out of downtown too McKnight street.  First top was 4611 McKnight which was a big store, very clean, and def. alot of novelty item’s. 

 There were three worker’s working on what I think was some new stock.  Anyhow I made my way to the clothing section to find a baby doll dress for my shoot.  While there Erik went over to the novelty section to see if they have my stuff.  I will say I did find  a cute dress which you will see soon :)…To my surprise they did have two of my Strawberry flavored on the shelf. yeaa  So as I was checking out I introduced myself too “D” the clerk and she politely said “thanks for stopping in”, so then I asked if they had ever had lollipop flavor and she said yes and more to come.  She bagged up my dress and that was it.  She wasnt rude but she was very short and really not impressed with who I was.  So I checked out the DVD section which was very scarce of Transsexual title’s and only one that Ive been in “Tranny of the Year”.   Overall more Brazillian stuff and not alot of it either, but amazing clothing and novelty section.

Finally we ended up at the 7600 McKnight store.  As you walk in you can tell they have done renevation on this 30 year location (per the clerk).  It was bright, clean and inviting.  Again not much Transsexual stuff however they did have as in the downtown location some new releases, they also have Video Booths in the back.  I introduced myself to the clerk and she was again like the other clerk not impressed LOL…This location had none of my Dvd’s or sprays!

If you are in Pittsburgh please head over to the 4611 location and grab one of my lickable body spray’s.  Also if you live there and want my Dvd’s email them and tell them to stock Hot Wendy Production DvD’s.

Tomorrow I will hit up some more stores and have some new photo’s of me posing at my hotel and elsewhere!

Adults Mart Website

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