Erik and I packed up the car yesterday and headed too DC (actually Crystal City).  We mapped out the store’s on the way and off we go.  Sad time’s when the first two are closed however we crossed out fingers for The Locked Door 2 in Hagerstown, MD to be open (1300 Dual Highway # B).  Its convient off the exit and we pulled up to the building and Erik stepped in.  The top floor is a very extensive clothing area with lot’s of stripper clothes, lingerie, hose, etc.  Then downstairs you find their Adult DvD’s, novelty items and such.  Though they don’t at this time carry my Doc Johnson item’s or DvD’s I am happy to report that after speaking to the owner they will be carrying it all soon as well as me possibly making a in store apperance in the near future.  If you are near Hagerstown, MD please stop in and tell Paula hello from Wendy!

Traffic began getting bad so we skipped out next store and just drove too Crystal City and checked in to our 15th floor hotel room and rested.  The next morning Erik got up and headed out to do some promotional work as I entertained friend’s :).  First he stopped at MVC Late Night in Falls Church Va (5625 Leesburg Pike), you enter the bottom floor which contains novelty, lingerie, lube etc.  He instantly noticed in the glass case two bottle’s of my lickable body spray’s.  Then upstairs is the DVD’s and sadly no Hot Wendy roduction DvD’s.  He did say that the staff was very polite, helpful and accomaditing, THANKS GUYS!

Finally he made his way too Video Movie Liquidators (644 South Pickett Street).  This store as you enter is full of mainstream non adult videos, as enterting the back you finally see the adult section.  We are happy to say that they did carry some Hot Wendy Production DvD’s.  This store does not carry toy/novelty items!

After all his driving around we headed to Hamburger Hamlet and had a nice dinner, I got my nail’s touched up and then headed back to the hotel and shot a few new set’s of photo’s………..Previews to come Soon!

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