Vegas 2008


Jazzmen and I just left Vegas where she shot for PrivateTranssexual with the great people at HardCore Modeling!  I must say as a producer and entertainer her solo was amazing and the members of Private are in for a treat when they see what she does.  Jazz wanted to do something different and since she loves phone sex she decided to call one of her fans and have LIVE phone sex with him. NOt only does she call him but she has him on speaker phone and they both cum togethor, it was HOT HOT HOT!!!  Jazz did some great photos and my blog as a first peek at those photos. I personally love the black boots and pink teddy with the black bow!  If you arent a member of you need too join so you dont miss this hot video COMING SOON!!!



Wendy Williams Interview

So I was checking out one of my favorite sites where I got to meet the lovely Lady Venus and the sexy Michael. On first day at the Adult Entertainment Expo I was interviewed by them and now you can see IT HERE! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see me, Also there are MANY Interview Videos on the page including the First Female to Male Transsexual BuckAngel.  Please go peek at it and leave a comment if you like what you heard.

GO HERE TO WATCH INTERVIEW VIDEO *Remember to scroll down to the bottom* 


Photo by Miguel Cruz Avn Red Carpet Vaniity and I

Saturday is the Big day when all the companies, their contract girls, fans, and the Industry get togethor at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center for the annual award show! I was so happy to get to wear my Patrick Howell Original gown and walk the red carpet, I was the only transsexual given the Red Carpet access, as well as Vaniity and I were front and center at the actual award show! Vaniity and I with our paparazzi walked over to the Mandalay Bay stopping to take pictures and enjoy being GORGEOUS!
Once we arrived to the show, I then said bye and went to the Industry Red Carpet alone where the sexy Christian was standing behind me. After walking the Red Carpet I then briefly said to the Grooby/ShemaleYum table and took my seat for the awards. Devils Films took Best Transsexual Series and Best Transsexual Tape. Interesting enough “Transsexual Babysitters 2” which won for Best Transsexual Release starred both Vaniity and I. Though I didnt win for the 4th year in a row for “Transsexual Performer of the Year’ however my long time friend Allanah Starr won, so Congrats Allanah!

Ohhh for the good stuff before I hit the red carpet I had earlier at the Convention met a sexy guy from Connecticut who was a fan he also was a great photographer so before he walked with me and Vaniity and our crew to the awards we did some naughty pics for my website, let me say he was a very good fluffer, hehe.

Signing Autographs Vaniity and I Dennis Hoff, Brooke and I

Friday I wake up and excited about fan day at the Expo…………I arrive at the booth where I am greeted by the Producers of the Howard Stern Show which I did an Interview for, took ALOT of pics with fans and finally got to meet ICON Vaniity. Vaniity has a presence that noone can deny, first she exudes confidence and beauty which people flock too! Before heading back to the hotel I seen Dennis Hoff and Brooke from the BunnyRanch. I was lucky enough to do a guestspot on HBO’s “CatHouse” and since then Dennis and I have been in touch , he really is a great guy. After doing a couple hours of signing autographs and pictures I quickly headed back too the hotel to get ready for dinner at Bella Lunas with Amber and Dick. Let me say that Curt, my sexy Vegas Chef, had an amazing dinner on the house prepared for us at this amazing Itallian atmosphere! THANKYOU! Once dinner was complete I headed back to the hotel and entertained a few guests and relaxed.

LAX Party: Amber, Lana and I Wendy and Belladonna Wendy and DarkLady

I was so excited today was the first day for me to do my signings with, I arrived around 3pm to see BuckAngel there! I got all set up and started signing autographs and star sightings. I was interviewed by DarkLady who is an AVN Reviewer, YNot Columnist, Writer, etcc, I then had a quick snapshot taken with Belladonna, and took alot of pics……Overall the day was nice however I was tired and ready to get out. As I was walking out of the event I met a male entertainer and got to talking, he told me he secretly loved “special ladies” but was afraid to pursue it as he didnt want to ruin his career, YAWN! Well we went to his room at the Venetian and I sucked his dick like no other girl has EVER , once I swallowed his load I got up and left. Why did I leave so fast? I wanted him to think about that bj for the rest of the day and call me when he wanted more which he did several times.

Once I got back to my hotel rested up and got ready for the LAX Party at Luxor which I attended once again with the Big Breasted Gent Columnist Amber Foxx, Lana Devious and Big Dick. The Party was nice so after it we headed over too the Venetian to hang out at the Circle Bar which is where EVERYONE industry or civilian hang out , chat, and just scope everyone. While there I got to chat with Steve from Devils Films about his series “UpClose and Virtual”, I really hope to shoot that one day.

Luxor Room Jacuzzi Flowers from Curt Wendy,Lana, and Amber Wendy and BigDick dsc00400.jpg Wendy and Amber

Well I checked into the Luxor Spa Suite and must say the jacuzzi was nice but overall the room was pretty boring. The hotel staff was amazing especially since my publicist had told them I was coming and a very nice box of chocolates were delivered with a very nice card from the Hotel. Also the same day a very good friend/fan Curt had a HUGE boutique of roses delivered to my room as well as some of the most amazing Itallian food from Bella Lunas, YUMMY!
Thursday at the Expo is trade day only so I didnt go but to get my badge, mostly I stayed in and relaxed, shopped, and did my daily emails. However that night was the Evil Angel Fashionistis Party held at Club Krave. Karen from Evil Angel had set me up with VIP tickets to the party and seating. I attended the party with Amber Foxxx, Lana Devious, Mistress Heather and Astria, and Big Dick. Karen greeted me at the red carpet and was very kind to VIP me and my guests. After having a few drinks in the VIP Lounge and seeing Joey Silveria, Sexy Vin Deacon, Belladonna and others we then moved to the club to await the show. While waiting for the show I got to chat with one of my Porn Idols Belladonna and met alot of the Evil Angel crew. Highlight for me was seeing the sexiest Male Porn Star (Im almost a stalker) Mr. Pete. (The things I would do for him).

Overall the party was amazing kick off to the week and I want to thank Evil Angel for the treatment and to Amber and Dick for going along.

Arrived at FlamingoHeading to Vegas

So me, Mistress Heather and Astria packed and headed from Lexington, Ky too Lousiville for our Delta Flight to Vegas for the annual Adult Enetertainment Expo. The trip started off bad because we left the camera lights in my car trunk, Heather almost missed our connecting flight (mind you it was because she was getting food for me) and I had credit card trouble tryign to get a rental car. We finally make it to Vegas and the first night we stayed at the Flamingo which surprisngly was really really nice and comfortable. The first night I was there I checked my myspace and got a message from a local photographer/fan who said he would love to shoot with me. Well I said I would love to shoot and we could play since he was so cute during the shoot! The pics were used as an update on January 15th, 2008 on my adult website, HUGE cumshot at the end. So the first day was very exhausting YET I ended it well and got to bed around 1am!

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