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Have you wanted to meet Morgan Bailey?  Well here is your chance.  Come to LexingtonTgirlParty in Lexington, Ky. on April 20th to help celebrate her birthday.  Joining her on stage will be Wendy Williams, Kimber Haven, Raven Roxx, Britney Love, Ryley and more.   Doors open at 9pm!

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So from the trailer alone if this DVD doesn’t win MAJOR awards there is seriously something wrong with the adult tranny universe.  First let me say that the editing of this trailer alone deserves an award, KUDOS.  Poor Morgan Bailey wakes up to a phone call from Hazel Tucker about the gardener played by Lobo.  While Hazel and Lobo are flirting Morgan makes her journey over to Hazel’s only to find out that her car is gone.  So Poor Morgan makes her way to the mechanics shop only to be tricked into sex with all the guys there, played by John Magnum, Danny and third guy (hehe?).  So now Morgan has no car and has to walk in the hot L.A sun.  While on the phone with Hazel who is now sexually entertaining the hired help Morgan walks in front of Amy Daly’s car and the two hotties exchange a nice “fuck you”.  Almost there she stumbles across sad Olivia Love who has been mistreated by her boyfriend Ray and wants revenge.  Morgan’s day has been shitty so why not help a hot blonde in need.  Ray has no idea whats about to happen as he gets a gun and two tranny cocks shoved down his throat.  Way to make up huh?  Well Morgan is exhausted but determined to make it to Hazels when she needs to stop and pee.  While in the bathroom the lights go out and she is suddenly being fed Christian XXX’s 8″ meat and having full out hardcore sex in the restroom with no lights and only the sounds of his moans to let her know this day is getting better.  Finally she arrives at Hazel’s and they decide to order Pizza.  The door bell rings and guess who it is, Amy Daly.  Well at this point the sex addict Morgan decides a hot tranny threesome is in order.  After a long day of sex Morgan climbs into her bed when she looks over and see’s a peeping tom.  When she opens the window she gets a nice big facial and decides to just call it a night.

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Tranny Cast: Morgan Bailey, Olivia Love, Amy Daly, and Hazel Tucker


From Morgan Bailey

I’m so stoked to launch my brand new site, I hope your ready for the ride of your life. Thanks so much for visiting me here.

I’ve been such a busy little slut shooting the many different and exciting scenes inside. I recently moved to California to expand my sexual portfolio and have been very successful.

I guess the only subject in question “is it ever enough for this girl” and my answer is NO! I’m so cock hungry and boy crazy I can never seem to get enough. I’m Morgan Bailey and I’m here to fuck your brains out!

Not many months ago I was slacker Tattoo artist/ Bartender in the great party city of Chicago, after being kicked out of almost every establishment and fucking everyone I knew or ever met it was clear I needed another outlet for my intense sexual energy.

I had submitted some scandalous photos to a few select companies and within days had multiple offers to shoot. With no hesitation I was on my trans-continental flight to Hollywood CA where I shot multiple scenes and got some great exposure. I new immediately after spending time with some real porn stars that I had to start finding a way to make this a career.

Needless to say I have succeeded, here I am fucking professionally and I LOVE IT!


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Wendy’s Doc Johnson Toys