Interview by Wendy Williams!
1.  When did you first start to Identify as Transgendered?
I’ve always felt like a woman, for as long as I can remember at least.  I first came out to my sister at the age of 8 as gay.  I wrote her a letter telling her I felt like a woman and must be gay.  She been a pillar of support and my bff since forever.


2.  How would you describe your sexuality?
I’ve always identified as gay and have not put much thought into it,  I just like to have fun.  But being a trans woman and dating a trans woman is gay by anyone’s standards.


3.  What type of Porn do you watch?
I like to watch amateur clips of bbc topping bottoms.  I think it’s hot when a straight guy has a cock up his ass.


4.  What made you decide to get into the Adult Industry?
I did my first two scenes in hopes of funding the beginning of my transition, which really helped out. I didn’t plan to return but was requested numerous times and finally gave in and started having a blast.


5.  Who was your first professional shoot for and tell us how it went and how you felt after wards?
Actually my very first shoot was for next door twinks.   Although I was battling with gender dysphoria at the time, everyone made my visit so pleasant and I enjoyed my stay in San Francisco.


6.  You are a very popular webcam model on Chaturbate, besides the financial aspect why do you like to cam?
I’m a natural born exhibitionist, I was Skyping with boy friends way before I started camming and had so much fun. I was in awe when I found out I could make money doing it.


7.  How important is social media to you?
I love it. If it were not for social media platforms like twitter and Instagram I would not have had as many opportunities as I’ve been presented with.  I wouldn’t have met my girlfriend and wouldn’t be doing Porn at all.  I love interacting with fans as well as the good feed back I receive.


8.  What social media sites can fans follow or find you on?
I’m currently on onlyfans, twitter, tumblr, and instagram under the user name caseykissesxoxo. I also have a many vids under the user name Caseykisses.


9.  2017 was a major break out for you as a performer, why do you think Casey became a in-demand performer?
My cock was the in the briefcase in the movie pulp fiction. That and my pretty smile.


10.  Your girlfriend is the gorgeous Korra Del Rio, how hard is it to date a fellow performer and how do you ladies separate business from personal when it comes to jealous, egos, etc?
It’s hard at times, like any couple I’m sure. We do have an added stress of being in the public eye but we don’t let that get to us. We are best friends before anything, being girlfriends is secondary.


11.  You star and produce content for, what type of scenes can fans expect or an upcoming projects?
I actually have a site with transerotica that is in the works and will be my main solo site.  You can expect just about anything from me subbing to being a verbal dominant top, and cum filled solos.  I’m very open minded and love to hear new ideas as well.


12.  You are nominated for many awards for AVNXBIZ, Transgendered Erotica Awards and ManyVids this year.  What is your thoughts on awards and being recognized for your work?
I was also nominated for, and won, top trans cam model in the 2018 adult web cam awards this year.  I think that these award ceremonies are awesome opportunity’s for good exposure for every one in this industry.  And I’m super happy to be a part of it all.  Winning would be incredible but being a part of the entire experience is really surreal and awesome within its self.


13.  Any performers you really want to work with in 2018 and why? 
I don’t really have a list of performers on hand, but am excited to meet new people and make new connections with models I have yet to work with.


14.  What would you like to say to your fans who have supported you thus far in your booming career?
Thank you all for being  part of my life and supporting me.  This past two years were some of the best years of my life. I’d give u each a hug if I could.


15.  Whats something that most people don’t know about you?
I was legally adopted by my grandmother, who raised and loves me so much! She’s my hero, and she gives the best hugs ever.


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(Las Vegas, Nevada)  MaraBelle Blue of Kink~E Magazine Interviews TS Performer/Producer Wendy Williams for the latest March/April Cover Story.  Blue had Interviewed Williams at previous Exxxotica shows and decided it was time to catch up with the Veteran Performer.  Fans will be able to see whats new with Wendy, her website,, talk about the Trans community, her PR work, and some upcoming projects.

For the complete Interview

Sorry I’ve neglected you but you will be happy to see I’ve been back shooting new content for With comes updates comes promotions. I’ve done a few new Interviews for PodCast and blogs so make sure you LISTEN. I appeared first on the Boom Boom Network and it was fun talking about being Transgendered and my Porn work. Next I did the Bum Wine Show to promote BBWcon. Take a listen and Enjoy



1.  Tell us about your transition thus far, growing up and how it began? 
Growing up was really weird. I got caught all the time by my mom and I think she was in denial for years about me.  It was like don’t ask don’t tell.  
Either that or she really was oblivious about it.  I didn’t even know what a transsexual was actually untill I was about 15(Thanks to Olivia Love and Gia Darling’s porn!), but I have always known as far as I can remember
what I wanted to be.  I came out to my then partner when I was 18 and ended up transitioning a couple years later after we broke up. At first, it was really difficult.
Coming out to family and not knowing what to expect. Coming out at work, to friends, etc.  After that, it just got a lot easier. Partly because everyone was very supportive of me and I had
surrounded myself with a great community of trans and queer friends from LA that were there for me too : )
2.  What made you decide to start in Adult Entertainment ?
I have always enjoyed people watching me for some reason. I think its just one of my kinks.  Right before I started porn, I used to get my ex girlfriend to tie me up and take pictures of me and post
them to random ts message boards on live journal. I used to take pictures of myself and post them too just for fun.  I never really had a goal to get into adult entertainment though.  
I just happened to meet Buddy Wood at a bar one night and we exchanged information and here I am now.  If that didn’t happen, I would just be posting my photos on live journal and 4chan instead.
3.  You are labeled as a “Transbian” what do you think of the term and what does that mean to you? 
When I think of the term Transbian, I think of a transsexual who identifies as a lesbian or as someone who is mainly into girls.  That doesn’t mean you have to confine yourself to gender orientation norms though.
Just because I identify as trans-lesbian, doesn’t mean I am only allowed to be interested in women.  Sure I find men attractive, but I will always be with women.  Its just more natural to me.
What can I say?  
4.  You speak on twitter a lot about your continued education, share a bit with us.
Well, I stopped going to school before I transitioned a while ago. Basically I dropped out to work full time and transition.  When I started working in porn, I was in a place in my life
where I could go back to school and not have to deal with the akwardness of being a mid transitioner. Not only that, but I quit my full time job because I was just miserable working there.
So that left me with a lot of free time! I decided that this might be one of my only chances to have the time to go back and finish school and do what I want to do. I mean, lets face it. I can’t
do porn forever. When I am done, I want to do something that I will enjoy.  Which is why I decided to change my major from psychology to biology with plans to transfer and change to marine biology(I grew up living at the beach)
5.  Your website is still new to the internet, what can a potential member expect once joining?
Correct, It hasn’t even been open for a year just yet, but I think I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary very soon.  I think I have about 64 or so different sets on my site. Every set
has atleast 90-100 photos and a full video to go along with it.  Its a lot of work, but my members deserve it! 
A lot of them are solo photo and video sets and there are about 15 hardcore sets so far.  Most of them are of me or me with another girl. I have a couple with guys. We update once a week, so new content
is being added all the time. Not only am I releasing new content every single week, but grooby is adding in a free set from random sites of their’s every week as well. So usually there
are two updates a week. One of me and one of another random girl.  Aside from the constant content updates, I like to have fun with my members, so you can find a whiteboard section
where I can draw pictures at the same time as my members or post notes for fun.  I also have a DVD catalog where people can order my movies from. And as other grooby sites have, you can rate
all my photo sets, leave comments, and create a personal portfolio where you can save all your favorite content at.  I also have a blog where members can keep up on whats going on with me and a free
forum where members and non members can talk and discuss my site, make requests or suggestions or just hang out and chat with me!
6.  What is your favorite scene to date and what about it was so special?
I actually have 2 favorite scenes. One was in Next Top tranny 6 with Astrid Shay and one was for my site with Christian recently.  The scene with Astrid was just a very intense and real scene.
I think I remember it being really hot in the room, so we were both really sweaty and horny and had great chemistry. It was just a really hot scene to shoot.  And the scene I did recently 
with Christian XXX for my site was the same way.  I got to play some soccer during the shoot since he was supposed to be my coach, which was fun. And then We had really great chemistry.
I was just feeling really good that day and we fucked eachothers brains out. It couldn’t be any better than that!
7.  What thing’s about the Industry do you enjoy and what could you do without?
The thing I enjoy most about in industry is shooting! Its fun. I love acting. I love getting paid to fuck hot girls and guys. I just love making porn.  What could I do with out? 
Porn Politics, internet critics, stuck up girls, and the technical part of getting content from the camera to the net is always a pain in the butt too!
8.  What is a normal day like for the non-Pornstar Amy? 
Its pretty normal actually! I get up, get ready for school, come home, browse the internet, play some world of warcraft, do my homework or read the text book, watch internet TV and goto sleep.
Although I have been known to sleep late into the afternoon on occasion after a night of drinking or partying.
9.  If you could work with one person who would it be and why? 
Celeste.  Shes fucking hot!  My favorite girl to watch in the industry by far.
10.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
I see myself hopefully working in a lab examining ocrean life or out at sea collecting samples and studying once I have completed school.
11.  What is something your lover can do that really turns you on/off?
The one thing that gets me all the time is getting their nails across my back.  It puts me in a trance. But I also love hair pulling and getting tied up TIGHT untill I can barely struggle.
I love being put in bondage.  As far as turn offs go, bad breath, hairy bodys, and bad body odor are all big turn offs for me. Nothing worse than getting breathed on by someone with some nasty 
breath. Gross!
12.  What is something about yourself that people would never know or expect? 
Thats a tough one since I know what to expect of myself.  But the thing I get the most is how honest, easy going and down to earth I am.  I guess being in this industry, some of the girls
can give us a bad rep for being rude or stuck up or not nice. But the one thing I hear the most is how easy going I am and down to earth I am when people meet me.  
13.  What would be the ultimate dinner for you?
OMG Food. I LOVE italian food. A Huge lasanga with a ceasar salad and some white wine would be the ultimate dinner for me. Italian food is my weakness when it comes to food. Keep me away from
italian restraunts, I am trying to lose weight!
14.  Your one indulgence is? 
MMO’s. Massive Multiplayer Online games.  World of warcraft, DC Universe Online, Star Wars when it comes out, etc… I am addicted to them.  I have been playing WoW for years and play it all 
the time when I have free time.  Its a bad addiction, but it saves me tons of money since I stay home to play.
15.  What currently is on your ipod that you listen too?
My top played bands would probably be Death Cab for Cutie, Saves The Day, The postal Service, Rilo Kiley, Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies, and Silversun Pickups as of late.
16.  Did you watch Transsexual Porn or know anything about it when you first started?  Anyone that you really liked style wise and or their “look”? 
I didn’t really watch it or get into it before I started. I didn’t know anyones names or anything like that.  I watched it when I was about 15 when Olivia Love and Gia Darling were popular, 
but after that I didn’t pay attention to it.  When I actually started shooting porn, I always admired Hazel Tucker.  We ended up being close friends and she was a pretty big influence on me just being
one of my best friends. Right now, there are a ton of girls that I like style wise or their look.  Danielle Fox, Celeste, and Yasmine Lee are some girls that are my favorites. There are way too many
to list though and I feel bad leaving anyone out.
17.  Does any blooper’s stand out that are funny you would like to share?
One time I was shooting in my tub and had the candles lit. I bent over to get a certain shot and poof! part of my hair went up in flames.  It went out really quick, and my hair stylist
couldn’t see any damage, so I got really really lucky.  Buddy Wood had it on video, but I made him deleted it lol.
18.  Tell us about your Tranny Award at the Tranny Awards.
Well last year, I won the best new face award, which has since then turned into the Best Up and Cummer award that Domino won this year. I was actually very proud that I won that award because I started
off with kind of a bad year. I had two bad sets go up on Shemale Yum that I wasn’t too happy about when I first started my career early on in the year. I wasn’t even going to get any more work.  
But I worked on my craft of porn at home making my own movies and taking photos for fun, and changed my look and style dramaticaly. I came back and shot some popular sets 6 months later, Shot a few DVD’s 
and ended up taking home the best new face award. Which was followed up this year with multiple nominations in different catagories and an AVN nomination.
19.  “Sex in the air and I like the smell of it”  What does Sex smell like to you, good sex atleast? 
Its like the sweet smell of girls sweating all over eachother in a dark room mixed with the scent of ropes and chains. Ok, this is getting me turned on now…
20.  Here are some Industry name’s, what is the first word that pop’s up in your mind?
Domino Presley
Gia Darling
Buddy Wood
Mandy Mitchell
COCK. Just being honest. Most of them have one too, so it kinda fits lol.
21.  Can you leave us with your social network’s so all can follow more of you.
Yes! You can follow me on twitter at
Name: Jesse
Location: San Diego
3 Time AVN Nominee for “Transsexual Performer of the Year
Appeared on Howard Stern 2010 Bost Beautiful Transsexual’s Contest
2011 ToyLine Coming with California Exotics

1. When did you start officially living your life as a Transsexual Woman?
Well I kind of always lived this way. I never really transitioned as I don’t take hormones and have always looked like this, but I guess official would be 8 yrs ago when I got a boobjob.

2. How was your school life as a “tranny in training”?
School life was very hard. I had no friends and was tormented every day, was called names on a daily basis because people didn’t know what to think of me, looking like a girl but being in the boys lines/locker also was a very hypocritical situation guys would be mean to me in public but in private be nice and flirty. Being so lonely didn’t help as I was very depressed and attempted suicide several times. luckily failing!

3. When did you decide and how to start your Adult Career? How long in the Industry?
I kind of always knew I’d be in the adult industry in some form,I was always a sexual person naturally and I always wanted to be a model/actor and this was the closest I could get to that dream, so sadly there aren’t to many mainstream opportunities for ts in modeling or acting. I’ve been in the business for 5 yr this December. She male Yum was my first shoot. I believe they found me on a adult job site I posted a profile on.

4. When people hear the name “Jesse” in porn what do your fans think of automatically?
Big Dick, Boob Job and Top

5. What sexually turns you on the most?
I have a lot of turn on’s, the biggest is a guy with a great ass(as obviously I’m a ass-girl lol)

6. Since you started have you seen anything change with Ts Porn?
I think we are getting into a bit more creativity in our “storylines”.I love a story where you can create a parody,or revision characters. its fun to dress up and make more of a “story” movie. I’ve noticed more people appreciate the hard work/effort that goes into films, sadly I’ve also notice we aren’t shooting like we used to due to the economy, hopefully that turns around soon.

7. Thus far in your career what is your favorite scene, describe it, and who was it for?
Hmm,hard to pick a fav scene as I enjoy all my movies I’m in. I do love my fan fuxxx series a lot as I get to involve the fans and they appreciate it and enjoy seeing the realness, but if I had to pick a scene not from my site, I’d say it was my scene with John Magnum for Shemale Pornstars. He had a yummy ass so I loved eating it and fucking it for quite a long time. lol

8. You are very involved with your website, tell us about it?
I like being hands on with my image and what I put out myself so I do a lot of work on my own for my site including shooting my own photos myself(with a little help sometimes), my own videos and doing my own photo editing and learning to video edit soon. Due to filming scenes myself is where I created
Jesse’s Fan Fuxxx, a series where I shoot with my fans and help them have a ultimate fantasy with me, all real(non actors), all hardcore, and shot by me. I’m in my 3rd season of it now(filming starts DEC/Jan).
I also do my own makeup/hair/costumes and ideas for my shoot. I try to be creative and try to please all the fans. I top/bottom, shoot with guys/girls/ts and experiment with different fetishes as best I can to be versatile and diverse.

9. Most who follow you know your love for comics, tell us about it?
lol well yes its well known I’m a big comic nerd. I try to go to comic con every year but it seems I’ve been going every other year as 2008 and 2010 I missed due to breast implant surgeries. In 2007 I was photographed for a book called the women of comic con, I was also interviewed on msnbc that year. In 2009 I was on spike TV as one of the hottest girls at comic con and interviewed and both years was on many blogs as one of the hottest at comic con. Little did anyone I always had fun and have always expressed my inner comic geek. I love it all comics/cartoons/movie and I plan on attending 2011 comic con also. I had a tradition of being a different Cat woman each year I went but am not sure about this coming years costume.

10. You recently became the 3rd Ts to have a toy line, tell us about the company, what toys can we expect? (Others with toys: Gia Darling, Allanah Starr, Wendy Williams, and Mia Isabella and Bailey Jay).
My toy line is with California Exotics and was a huge honor to be chosen. I was super excited to do it and be in the company of the few great its to have toy lines. I thought it was cool and a bit weird to see myself
in toy form. I saw the packaging recently(sadly couldn’t share with anyone yet due to them being the demos but soon I can share the photos) it was weird seeing my dildo as it looked exactly like my dick! so that’s good for the fans who want my real cock(or the closest thing)lol.I have 3 products so far, a dildo,a deluxe blow up doll, and a masturbator sleeve of my ass.i believe all is due to come out in January. I’m very excited and hope it does phenomenal so I can extend the toy line into other products.

11. What is a typical day like for you?

Most people think I have this fabulous,exciting,wild life. Quite to the contrary actually, sadly its a bit boring over at my No wild parties or drunken orgies. I’m either working on my website work, working on a new movie or sitting at home watching a movie or fucking some ass! lol

12. How do you separate your relationships with your Pornships LOL?
Well I’ve always had real boyfriends the entire time I’ve been in the adult business up until this yr.(still looking) its pretty easy for me to separate my two lives. I keep work at work and my private life stays private. I don’t shoot movies for my site or anything with my boyfriends as that’s for us only. I also don’t share my work with boyfriends or talk about it. The only thing they ever see is a solo photo set or something like that, it keeps them from getting jealous as they don’t have to think about me with other guys. Its just like I’m going off to the office, work is work.

13. Tell us something about you that most people would have no idea or know?
That I’m a awesome bottom I love to get fucked, you just don’t see it often on film. I’m trying to mix it up so the fans see it a bit more. Maybe I’ll do a season of Fan Fuxx of nothing but me bottoming? Maybe

14. You currently have your 3rd consecutive AVN Nomination, why do you think you keep getting nominated?
I work very hard and always deliver a great scene and do my best. Its all real enjoyed sex and I think fans appreciate not seeing a robotic performance so I give it my all. Hopefully one year soon I’ll win that AVN, as its been a goal of mine and means a lot to me.

15. What are some fun things coming up your fans can look for?
Along with my toy line for California exotics in January, another season of Jesse’s Fan Fuxxx, I’m hoping to continue shooting fun and creative scenes for other companies as well as my own site. Expanding my name/image into other fields of media, maybe I’ll make a music album lol just kidding. I’m also working on a big action movie for my site where ill be running around shooting guns and riding quads in the dessert. Gonna be fun!

16. Tell us about your social networks so we can check you out! Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc
Twitter is (jesseflo) ,my Facebooks are (The.Jesseflo) and (The.Jesseflo2) ,my Myspace are (ts_pornstar_jesse) (ts_jesse)

17. Anything you would like the readers to know?
That I love and appreciate all of them!

1.  Tell us about Foxxy!  Where were you born, brought up and when did you decide to become a Transsexual Woman?
  I was born in the hot desert of Tucson, AZ on April 11th.  I was brought up in Barrio (neighborhood) Hollywood on the Westside of Tucson with my mother who was a single parent attending school and working full time to support both myself and my older brother Alfredo “Freddy”.  then a few years later she almost remarried and had my younger sister Gina and baby brother Rodolfo “Rudy”.  My dad had remarried and had 2 girls, Nicole and Christina and 1 boy Christopher so had many siblings to grow up with.  I was always close to both my mom and dad and like most Hispanic families I was very close to the family.  I found myself being very feminine, always looking good, hair done, always in the mirror, dancing and singing in my room all the time cuz I always wanted to be some kind of entertainer/dancer/or singer.  spent most of my time with my cousins who lived in the same area but found myself mostly playing with the girls.  barbies, talent show, dress up, were always my favs but also into swimming and lot of outdoor fun.  I remember in kindergarten taking home my friend Brook’s big stuffed animal bear home which was prob my size lol..the bear had this big ruffled blue polka-a-dot dress which I fell in love with.  I put my arms thru the dress and spun around so the ruffles could flow..I felt so good wearing it but sad when I had to take the bear back the next day..I will never forget that day.   as I got older I found myself noticing boys and being attracted the male physique but never paid too much attention to my mind being so young.  my mom or family members never kept us kids from playing or told me it was wrong to play with girl stuff so it never came to mind that I maybe different.  I even asked for a Jem and The Holograms doll and Misfitz doll for Christmas and I got them loll.  loved My Lil Pony, She-Ra, and Rainbow Brite cartoons and also had those toys and action figures lol.  dated girls cuz I just thought that’s what I had to do being told by my playboy dad, but never was really interested lol. middle school I knew I was different and wanted to be with a boys.  I was beginning to be attracted to my own friends and gym locker room my becoming heaven to me!  I was the first one home from school so I would go into my moms closet an try on her dresses, heels, and play with her makeup and then perform to Whitney Houston in the mirror lol..loved it!  high school was great..I went to a very diverse school so many homosexuals walked in showed affection openly 
 and even had a lesbian principal so school was fun and comfy where I slowly got to know my body and myself mentally.  I realized there are different people and different lifestyles and everything was okay and made friends with the gay community.  I met a few transgendered girls and was so fascinated I then knew that was what I was.  I then began to do drag shows benefiting different causes in AZ.  it was a great way to dress up and perform like I did in my room.  mom found pictures of me and then questioned me..came out to her and she asked if this is what I wanted.  I answered yes and she then told me we were gonna do this the right way.  she managed a Planned Parenthood clinic which I educated myself to the female body, sex, babies, and STD’s.  she had access to estrogen which she then brought me Premarin pills and I began my journey down the road of transformation at the age of 17
2.  How old were you when you lost your virginity and tell us about it?
I was a bit shy and private when growing took a lot of nerve and curiosity to finally have my first encounter.  my bestie John who I grew up with since 2nd grade turned out to be gay which even when he came out to me I denied my sexuality for couple more yrs lol.  my junior year is when I came out to my bestie but still kept it a secret but there was this bisexual boy who was a freshman but became close to us and began to secretly fool around with John but would always flirt with me and give me the eye and smile at me and groan every time we passed in the hallways.  he was def a blue eyed Hispanic hottie.  John wanted me to have my first experience with Patrick since we were all friends.  I was scared and very nervous cuz I had never had sex with a guy.  one weekend night I picked up both John and Patrick in my car..I was sooo nervous but so anxious to play.  we drove to the desert in an empty lot near a middle school and all 3 of us were in the back seat.  Patrick was in the middle and Joan and I both started to get things heated with Patrick.  the time came and it was going to be my first time sitting on a cock..and it wasn’t a small one either.  I slowly climb on and was trying to ease it in with tons of lube..John forced me down on it and I screamed and jumped off it with a quickness!  it was the most painful feeling ever!  I tried once more and finished the enjoyment but John will never forget my reaction and till this day teases me about it lol.   
3.  How was your school life?
school life was great all 12 years.  I had such great teachers that inspired me and kept learning exciting.  I was an honor student my whole life.  was in many clubs and after school programs to stay busy and out of trouble.  had 2 teachers who played piano..3rd and 6th grade.  we sang music during class and my 3rd grade teacher Mrs Fair would make us perform for the school for different occasions.  so being on stage was no biggie for me and we got to use costumes and dance and sing.  I think that’s when I knew I wanted to become a performer of some sort.  I guess u could say me n John were teachers pets till senior yr lol.  high school offered dance as an elective and in order to be in the performing group I had to maintain a 3.0 or higher so I made sure I had good grades cuz I had to be performing around Tucson.  I was very outgoing and friendly so had many friends..quite popular lol.  I knew the gangster from the hood growing up, knew the jocks, the nerds, the performing arts kids, just about the whole school..I was known as the dancing machine lol.  never had problems or was in fights.  I must say growing up was pretty easy for me.
4.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
wanted to be many things when I grew up and still do lol.  dancing was my passion and MC Hammer was my idol believe it or not so I dreamed of becoming a back up dancer for him not knowing he would no longer be popular lol.  then I loved teaching which I devoted my lil free time I had left to teach after school programs, dance both elementary and middle school but when my dance teacher Mrs Almgren was pregnant she allowed me to take over her 2 beginning classes as a teachers aide and for the free period in high school.  I then wanted to become a dance teacher.  I was always into the medical field cuz my mom job so she would put me to work in the office and teach me things so I wanted to be a nurse or a plastic surgeon.  I was always massaging my mom, aunts, and grandparents that I was known as the masseuse so naturally I had a thing for massage therapy so I just may attend school for that next yr cuz I actually enjoy it.
5.  How did you get started in Porn/when?  Tell us about your first porn experience!
 I got started in porn in 2003 when I had just moved to Las Vegas.  I was a go-go dancer at the Las Vegas Lounge and during the AVN Expo the few photographers, directors/owners of web sites came in the bar and passed me some biz cards  asking me if I would do some web modeling and then find out it was nude modeling and solo vids for their web sites.  thought about it and back then 6-800 was a lot to me esp when I was saving all my paychecks for breast implants.  within that same week I shot for Shemale Strokers, Shemaleyum, and Franks T-girl World.  I was so excited and was very nervous.  luckily I had my roommate and partner in crime Passion shoot also and come along with me so we helped each other and made the best of it.  a year later I did my first Joey Silvera film, Road trip 11.  was great to work with him but def wasn’t sure what to expect knowing his work was very hardcore.  he’s a great guy and I topped and bottomed for the scene and did photos and it was a full long day of work but def the start to my porn career!
6.  What is your favorite type of scene to do?
Its always fun to top a guy or be the girly ts n get banged by the guy(s) but I got into filming TS on TS stuff.  its just more fun and we can create a good hot scene and fans of both girls can watch their fav girls together.  plus its almost like being star struck and being able to work with popular girls or big named girls in the industry but its funny when the younger rising stars ask to work with me..I’m flattered and makes me feel great!
7.  What can ur members of expect?
they can expect to see the real Foxxy which everyone loves to know and see.  I’m def trying to change things every few months so I am able to get a bit of everything from fetish, glamour, and straight out hardcore sex!  I have an oral fixation and love to film my own home vid and POV blow many beautiful cocks and I want my fans to be able to participate and be part of the site as well so ull def see lot of home vids
8.  If you could do a scene with any mainstream male performer who would it be and why?
 well I have actually fooled around with a couple mainstream performers who aren’t open about it due to the crazy industry and its haters but I think it would have to be Vince Voyeur..I had a crush on him when I was younger n watched the Spice Channel..they never showed his cock but  his body n shy self and good looks drove me crazy..not till I got to see porn videos I then finally got to see his big cock and I would love to taste it till this day lol
9.  How has Transsexual Porn changed from the time you started until now?
 well I wouldn’t say its changed much but nowadays I noticed that there are all these new girls being made into starlets a lil easier then we did back in the day and now everyone is getting their own sites and wanting their own sites which is great to see them so motivated and working hard.
10.  You are known as a Party girl in Vegas, do you tell guys at clubs that you are a transsexual?  When they find out how do they react? 
 yes I love to party n let loose when time permits and it gives me time to have fun with my girls.  I have earned my respect in the Vegas nightlife and I am very mature now so I know how to stay in control of things and teach my girls how to be in a club where we are always being watched.  I know a lot of people such as bouncers, bartenders, doormen, VIP hosts, they  find out eventually and some of the new guys who don’t know me sometimes tell the men for me which ruined my fun but def doesn’t bother me cuz I’m only there for fun and wild times.  I hardly ever go to pick up on guys or take them home..the one night stand scene is big in Vegas but for me I learned its best I leave fun at club and skip all the explaining and having to deal with the reactions of men.  although there are times when guys know I’m different or maybe figure out me or one of my friends and they ask me if I’m really a “guy” but if he’s interested by his tone and curiosity then ill def be honest and tell the truth..sometimes if a guy is being a jerk about it ill walk away n continue my fun.  most guys I do tell are more shocked then anything cuz they don’t believe me. some guys say its Vegas and what happen here stays here and that’s when the night really end with a bang lol.
11.  After your Adult Career is over what would you like to do?
 I wanna commit to my lover of almost 3 yrs and live a normal fun life with a family and working as a massage therapist or maybe even having my own day spa
12.  Does your family know about your Porn Career and if so how did they react or how do they act about it?
 I’m very close to my family and we have all been very open with each other and we stick together.  once I came out to them that I was gonna transform myself to a woman I felt no reason to ever have to hide again.  everyone knows I do porn and supports me 100%.  my mom is def my number one supporter and she sometimes comes along with me to shoot or helps me as my assistant and plus being on the road or away from family its great to least have her with me.  my older brother loves I’m part of the industry..he loves his mainstream girls and has attended the AVN Expo a couple times, the awards, red carpet, and even parties in Vegas.  my family loves being around me and my friends.
13.  Who is your favorite Video Producer to work for?  Company?
 well Joey silvera is probably best to work for but he likes all the fresh faces and new girls so I no longer have the opportunity to work with him but still see him at events n chat.  Tom Moore of Devils Films is always fun to work with..very chill guy..I have graced more Devils Films then anything so def my fav company but I have worked with more photographers for web sites then videos.
14.  What is the one thing you want to do on camera you haven’t done yet?
 always wanted a gang bang…creampie and a bukakke lol…just hard to get that many guys at once
15.  What is some of things you look for in a man that turn’s you on?
 everyone is unique in their own way so I’m attracted to diff types of men and styles its hard to point out but def a nice stomach, muscular hairy legs, cute bubble butt, cute smile, eyes, and def a thick cock (love a thick cock rather then a long dick)
16.  When guy’s contact you via phone or email what are some things they SHOULD NOT do if they want you to take them serious?
 talk sexual or what they wanna do to me or what they want me to do to them.  sweet talk a whole lot of nothings cuz half the time they say things we might want to hear but dealing with the same lines daily u know right off the back when its sincere or just BS talk lol.
17.  What is the kinkiest thing you have done with a guy you just met?  Where?
 I always test the guys I am with in my personal life by butt play..I see if they allow me to eat their ass or finger them while blowing them..something about a guys ass turns me on so its def butt play sometimes they are so horny or into me I can actually fuck them and then wonder what they think about it after.  on film is could have to be cumming on a guys asshole or snow balling with the guy and his own cum
18.  How can fans contact you?
 my fan and biz email is
19.  I’m going to name a Transsexual Porn star tell me the first Word that comes to your mind.
Danielle Foxx-creative
Allanah Starr-wild
Meghan Chavalier- (never met her)
Buck Angel-handsome
Natassia Dreams-spontaneous
Wendy Williams-intelligent



1.  Tell our readers how the existence of “Line Trap” and “Harley Quinn” began?

I use to attend anime conventions in and around Virginia when I was starting my transition and I got way more attention than I had bargained for once my biological gender was revealed. People were blown away by how passable I am! Before I knew it I was being asked to do solos on shemale adult sites.

 2.  What made you entertain the thought of doing porn?

Well, despite my innocent face, I have always been an extremely sexual person. I have a very, very healthy sexual appetite so it was just a no brainier really. I got away with doing solos these last 2 years skating by on being passable, but I’m happy to finally do hardcore work!

3.   Tell us about your first sexual experience dressed as a female?

I think I was at my first anime convention. I was wearing a draw string ponytail I had secretly bought behind my mother’s back., and a micro mini skirt. I was a hot little 16 y/o mess with way too much eyeliner on. And met a boy and he jumped on me immediately. I told him half way into making out and he said “fuck it” lol afterwards my “boy brain” kicked in and I told some lie and ditched him.

4.   Your first shoots were for ShemaleYum, tell us about the reaction from the anime community?

They were stunned to say the least, my gender had been a huge debate for a year prior to my shoots. It felt good  in a way, to finally get it out there, But felt even better when I realized I had an amazingly devoted fan base.

5.  What is your nationality?  We as fans have heard many so set the record straight!

I am actually half Italian and half Portuguese

6.  What is a normal Bailey Jay day like?

Either shooting hot sweaty scenes with my friends, hitting up the strip clubs here is Vegas, or staying in and watching cartoons and doing laundry.

7.  Favorite food to veg out with?

I am obsessed with curry. I make it at least once a month. So I guess I am like a genetic girl. Smelling bad once a month. ha ha

8.  Sexually what turns you on the most?

I really love eating a mans ass, I can just jerk off while a guy squats on my face and makes me smell his balls and ass hole. I will cum instantly.

9.  You just recently shot your first hardcore, tell us about it and your co-star and what it was like doing sex on camera?

Oh! It went amazingly well!  My co-star was Bee Armitage, she was adorable. We were both a little shy at first, but we warmed up fast! It wasn’t my first time banging someone within the same hour of just meeting them. She is my new best friend.  We are hanging out non stop.

10.  Tell us about some of the things members can expect with your new Official web site

Well, I have shot some fetish stuff  with bondage and water sports , smoking, feet stuff, and even some movie quality interviews!  Basic solos, Not to mention another scene with Bee Armitage. Our scene for the site is kind of a parody of porn and I even dress up as a slutty plumber and “clean out her pipes” and I suck her huge cock like a real grown up porn star !

11.  You recently met Belladonna, how did this come to happen and how was it meeting her?

It was so random! Her and I share a lot of fans and apparently a guy in one of her forums told her to google me. She complied, and fell in love! She emailed me and had me come by her place and interview me. The two of us instantly clicked! She is the sweetest girl in the world!

12.  Why currently are you shooting only with female and other TS?

Well I do like men..a lot! But I have the world’s most loyal male fan base. And in a strange way I like to be loyal back to them. Most of my fans don’t want to see me with a man unless its them. I don’t wannabe be too big of a heartbreaker so early on.

13.   Tell us about your move from Virginia too Vegas?

I was living a pretty humble life in Virginia. I worked as a sushi waitress and geeked out with my friends, but my career soon started to blow up and I had to leave everything I had ever known to make a name for myself. I am so happy I did, even if I was a little scared at first.

14.  You recently shot with Porn Producer Icon Joey Silvera, how was it working with him and what did you learn from that shoot?

Oh golly, Joey and I are great friends now! We have very similar ways of operating. He is an amazing friend and mentor and one of the most outstanding men I have met in this industry so far.

15.  What makes Bailey Jay unique?

I like to think my brain, but most people would probably say my nose. Its weird but I still manage to rock it, somehow.

16.  Where can your fans learn more about you and keep up to date with you?  List of your social networks!

Twitter- Baileyjay88

17.   What would you like to see change in the transsexual porn market?

I am too sweet to get into that on paper. Just, that certain companies should have a more caring family mentality.

18.  If you could shoot with one big name female and male star who would it be and why?


James Deen- because there is a good chance his cock might smell like Sasha Grey’s pussy

19.  What is your favorite type of porn to watch, what gets you going?

Lately, I have been watching gay porn.. like skinny twinks fetching and rimming. I’m weird.

20.  Anything you want those reading this to know about you that I haven’t covered?

I am so very excited that my porn career is taking off so huge this year, and I hope to just be nominated for AVN Trans Performer of the year. It would mean the world to me to win. I have a 22nd runner up trophy from my 3rd grade spelling bee, just laughing at me on my shelf. I need this!

Follow up Questions I should ask for round 2?

Mandy Mitchell isn’t your typical Transsexual Porn star and that’s what makes her memorable and special. She doesn’t live in L.A, loves to have sex with women, loves fetish/kink and is all natural.  Not since Joanna Jet and Vicki Richter have we seen a performer that genuinely loves women, men, other transsexuals.  Mandy proclaims herself as a “switch” and ranges her sexuality from vanilla too kink.  Many readers ask how she is pushing the boundaries?  As a performer and producer myself I am neutral enough to recognize a “star” especially when someone like Mandy makes it so apparent with her work. For example Mandy is the FIRST transsexual to do a scene with a pregnant female! Pregnant female Muffy and Mandy just shot this scene for Mandy’s Official web site  This isn’t the first boundary Mandy has pushed for an American Ts Star and its all for her fans inside her site. Whether its extreme bondage, fucking a submissive ts, fucking another ts or being filled with big black cock  Mandy continues to think outside of the box when it comes to her fans and what she enjoys!!  Don’t let her girl next door looks fool you because this is one kinky girl.


1. How did you get involved in Porn?
I had been a part of sex positive and kink communities for several years
and had many friends and lovers who were amateur porn makers, small time
models for porn companies etc… I’m very open minded when it comes to sex
and I am an exhibitionist so porn seemed like a natural way for me to
share that with the world and make some money while I was at it.

2.  When did you identify with being a transsexual and  describe your
transition or profess of transitioning?

I came out about being Transsexual in late 2001 when I was 20 years old. I
had known all my life that I wasn’t a boy but I was socialized in an
intensely religious and repressed world and had no knowledge of TS. It
wasn’t until I moved away from that world that I discovered that I wasn’t
the only person in the world who experienced gender dysphoria. From there
I was diagnosed with GID, started hormones, had my orchiectomy (removal of
testicles) in the Summer of 2004, and then recently had a tracheal shave
to reduce the visibility of my adams apple.

3.  How do you identify your sexuality?

I’m attracted to people, especially people who love sex. Really I’m
attracted to people of all gender presentation and body types.  I tend to
have close relationships with women and more physical relationships with
men. I use men for sex. Lol.

4.  What kind of Porn do you ENJOY making or want to make for  your fans?

I really love capturing good authentic sexual interactions and sharing
them with others. I want to make movies where it is obvious that everyone
involved is having a great time and doing things they love. I want to make
movies for my fans that really capture the intensity and pleasure of
whatever sexual interaction I’m having. My hope is that my movies not only
will turn people on, but maybe in some small way improve their sex lives
as well.

I also want to make movies that are visually and mentally engaging to some
extent as well. I put a lot of thought and effort into many of my scenes
and I really want my audience to enjoy and appreciate that.

5.  What is a normal day like for Mandy?

Well it depends on whether I’m in California or the Pacific Northwest. If
I’m at home in the Pacific Northwest I generally spend a lot of time
practicing the piano, gardening, hiking, spending time with my friends
and of course my lover Sarah. If I’m in California I spend a good deal of
time shooting content for my site, shopping for outfits, getting my hair
and nails done,  networking with other people who work in the adult
entertainment industry, and of course letting off steam and having fun
with friends.

6.  What is your honest opinion of the material currently on  the She male

I’m not really the best judge. A lot of it doesn’t appeal to me in the
least bit but it is obviously quite lucrative. There are only a few
companies producing TS porn in the US and because of that there is a
fairly limited scope of material being produced. I think there is a lot of
room for improvement, and a substantial audience exists eager for
something new.

7.  What makes you different than your fellow entertainers  within your

I think it’s a combination of factors. I have mostly avoided cosmetic
surgery and instead opted for castration and hormone therapy, so I don’t
physically look like a lot of the other TS porn stars. (although that is
more and more changing) I’m really into women and most of the other girls
I’ve met are pretty straight (as in they like men). I’m really the only
person in the industry who has ever made BDSM movies with TS and females
or TS on TS. I really love playing with women so I have a commitment to
shooting that kind of content.

 8.  Please tell us about any upcoming projects you are excited  about?

I’m currently moving to San Fransisco where I plan on shooting some really
hot scenes over the next couple of months with me as a submissive. I plan
on taking the intensity of my scenes to a whole new level.

9.  I identify you as “pushing boundaries” would you agree  with that
statement and if so how can you continue doing so?

I guess you could say that. A lot of the sex that I really enjoy is
considered by many people to be really hardcore. I’m not trying to shock
people I just happen to love filthy raunchy, hardcore sex. I love fisting,
squirting, bondage, water sports, hardcore face fucking, power play,etc..
and I include them in my movies because they turn me on and I derive great
pleasure from them. As long as the TS genre remains relatively vanilla
people will think I’m pushing boundaries.

10. You just recently did a video with a pregnant female, why and  describe
the sexual pleasure from this type of visual  stimulation?

Muffy (the pregnant woman I shot a scene with)  approached me early on in
her pregnancy and suggested we shoot a scene together when she was further
along in her pregnancy. I thought it was a great idea because Muffy is a
total babe and I knew it would please a lot of my fans to watch. I didn’t
see her for a while and forgot all about it, but then I bumped into her at
the Folsom st. fair and she brought it up again. I was able to set it up
so Muffy and I drove down to LA and shot the scene together.

I was really nervous, Muffy was very preggers, 8 months and I had to be
much more aware of everything we did because of it. She was really horny
and it was kind of amazing fucking her. I’ve never fucked a pregnant woman
before and it was a really unique experience. Her tits were especially
amazing, they were huge (FF) and such a dramatic contrast to my small
perky A cups.

11.  Are there any porn performers (female, male or she male)  that have
inspired you or you can relate too as a performer?

Sure a number of people. I think Princess Donna (Wired Pussy, Public
Disgrace, makes some really fantastic porn and is an amazing
performer. I think Belladonna is a total inspiration. On the TS side of
things Danielle Foxx is someone who I admire very much for her work, I
think her post op site is awesome. .

12.  Do you ever seeing yourself loosing the “girl next door”  natural look
and possibly having cosmetic surgery or breast  enlargement?

It is not something I’m planning on. I really love my body as it is. Maybe
I won’t be the “girl next door” as I get older, but I doubt you will see
any drastic changes anytime soon.

13.  Tell us about Mandy the “girlfriend” who are you, who is  your lover,
and how do you separate your work from your personal  life?

I have been in a very loving and committed non-monogamous relationship
with my partner Sarah for the last 5 years. At home we spend a lot of time
in bed, especially when it rains for 4 months straight. We garden
together, go on long hikes, play music (I play the piano and she sings and
plays guitar)  I don’t really play with other people when I’m spending
time with her. Then when I’m away I play with whomever I like. We were in
an open relationship before I started doing porn, so it hasn’t really ever
been much of an issue. We have shot a few scenes together and that was
awesome, I hope she will decide to do more with me in the future. So much
for separating work and personal huh?

14.  Being a “switch” do you prefer one over the other and  what is your
ideal partner in that ideal situation?

No, I really don’t have a consistent preference. It changes on an
individual basis and for periods of time. My ideal partner is someone who
knows how to enjoy themselves and is good at communicating what they like.
I really love other switches, people who love to get fucked but also know
how to take charge and satisfy me. But really its all great, dom/sub just
depends on the chemistry.

15.  What web sites or networks can your fans see more of  you?

Well they can of course see me on my own site, and they
can also see me at, Shemale Club, Shemale
Strokers, TS Seduction, Shemaleyum, Transsexdomination, Franks Tgirls,
Bobstgirls, Private Transexual, and in several DVD releases as well.

16.  Give me one con and one pro about being a transsexual who  does PORN?

One pro about being a TS who does porn, is that the pay rate is generally
better for TS per scene than it is for female performers. The con is that
there are only a few companies that produce TS movies so a TS performer
has to really hustle to make a good income from porn.

I remember one day browsing through The Floating World when I came across Luke is Back.  For months I would read it and giggle at the posts and or catch up on the Adult Industry gossip.  I finally decided to email the website and see about getting some press and well I got an email back from “writercindi” and the rest is history!  Cindi has been great to chat with and sometimes get some inside advice.  I did some research and there wasnt much about her and from her reply she really doesnt like to do Interviews because she doesnt think people would be interested and she likes to be the person doing the writing!  After an email with some questions she finally decided to go ahead and give me her first Exclusive Interview!


 Please leave comments or any questions you may have!


1.)  Tell me about the personal “Cindi” I am a madly in love with my artist husband. I am a cool mom, a loyal friend, a homebody,whose favorite thing is to cuddle on the couch with my husband and my dog, Lexi. I am  open-minded, an equal rights fighter, an anxiety ridden, type A personality who is a  freedom of speech advocate, amateur paleontologist, and avid kayaker. I have a soft heart and believe strongly that you should pay it forward.
2.) How did you get involved in the Adult Industry?
I wrote part time all my life, mainstream articles for newspapers mostly. I had a big time corporate job. I was on the board. I hated it! At the same time I was writing part time for Xcitement Magazine and they offered me a full time job at half the salary I was receiving. I took it and never looked back. 
3.)  Who is your favorite female performer and why?
I couldn’t name one favorite. There are so many reasons that I am impressed with adult stars. I would have to break it down into individual categories and this could take days. I told you I was anal! So let me just say, here are a couple examples of the best female stars- 
She is hot, fun, can act and is sexy as hell. The porn star I would most like to get drunk with is- Carmen Hart! 
She is beautiful, talented, creative and an amazing actress, director, & writer.   The porn star I would most like to hang out with is – jessica drake. 
4.) Same goes for your male performer! 
Okay, for this one, I will just go for sex appeal and charisma and answer Lexington Steele.
5.)  What is the biggest difference you have seen in the Industry since you started?
Ten years ago, there was a lot more money being made by EVERYONE in the adult industry.T
6.)  How and Why do you think “blogs” have played out within our adult community?
Blogs are important to get out the insider information and gossip that wouldn’t be published on the news sites ( AVN, Xbiz), and to allow people to share their opinions. 
7.)  How did you get involved with Avn?
I’ve been friendly with the staff and Paul Fishbein for years. Paul has a good heart, and those are the kind of people I am attracted to as friends. I also wrote reviews for them for about ten minutes.
8.)  Do you watch porn in your personal life and if so what kind?
Rarely do I watch porn when it isn’t something that has to do with work. But I would pick features, comedies for fun, and anime, BDSM (watching not doing, lol) for a turn on. 
9.)  If you could sit in on set of a feature dvd, which company and what type of scene?
I don’t just want to sit in! I want a lead role in one of Jeff Mullens Porn parodies!
10.)  Im going to name someone and tell me the first thing that pops in your mind:
Belladonna: CALL me!  You are so hot! Belladonna is the only top star of the last ten years that I have not interviewed.
Tera Patrick: Funny, smart, drop dead gorgeous, with an amazingly talented and supportive husband, Evan. 
Jules Jordan: Jenna Haze’s boyfriend, who is a award winning director.
Christian XXX:  I tried to be his friend, he wasn’t interested. Conflicted, needy, controversial, one-sided, delusional.
Phoenix Marie: Christian XXX’s girlfriend, who he portrays as not too bright. 
Mark Kernes:  brilliant mind, fabulous writer. I am a big fan, and I don’t say that often. 
Joey Silveria:  tranny lover, service animal, lol. 
Lexington Steele: big, black, beautiful, sexy, polite, protective, warm, intriguing.
Brian Pumper: don‘t know him
Wankus: warm hearted, great friend, lovable, funny, smart, marketer, talented, wouldn’t kick him out of my bed….
Teri Weigel: fun, fan favorite, long timer, maintains
11)  Tell us about!
LIB is the top adult gossip and news site in the US, with a colorful cast of characters and controversial commenters. 
12) Finally if you could ask the next person I Interview who is a female, what question would it be?
What do you think about when you masturbate???

Wendy Williams Interview

So I was checking out one of my favorite sites where I got to meet the lovely Lady Venus and the sexy Michael. On first day at the Adult Entertainment Expo I was interviewed by them and now you can see IT HERE! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see me, Also there are MANY Interview Videos on the page including the First Female to Male Transsexual BuckAngel.  Please go peek at it and leave a comment if you like what you heard.

GO HERE TO WATCH INTERVIEW VIDEO *Remember to scroll down to the bottom* 


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