The great people of FleshJack send me over a box of goodies every so often and I have two reviews coming up on my blog with matching photo sets and videos to be put up on WendyWilliamsXXX.com.  The first was the Samuel O’Toole Mouth FleshJack.  We all know I love love me a fleshlight (Ive tried for years for them to mold me for the first ever TS fleshlight but so far no luck).  I loved the packaging and artwork when it arrived especially the color of blue that the actual case is.  I grabbed my spunk lube and begin to fuck his mouth!  I instantly noticed that the texture was a bit more dense which made the mouth looser than normal.  Not sure if its different then the regular fleshlights but seemed more loose.  Of course easy to use with a perfect grasp to thrust with.  There is no smell like some adult toys come with and overall it’s a nice sex toy especially if you have a fantasy of the stud that is Samuel O’Toole.  I have reviewed many fleshlights and continue to be impressed with them all, though the original fleshlight (ass) is my favorite.  This toy will be perfect for the fan of this actor and will give you plenty of pleasure.  I GIVE this toy 8 hard on’s out of 10.




GoldGloves003 GoldGloves074 GoldGloves134 GoldGloves137

Wendy Summers gladly decided she would be the tester of the new Fleshlight Flight.  She lubed her cock up and began thrusting her cock deep into it.  If you enjoy seeing TS ladies in solo action with the assistance of a toy then you will enjoy this scene on WendyWilliamsXXX.com.



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So the great people over at Fleshjack sent me the newest “SWORD* to test out since we all know I am a huge fleshlight fan.  I like the neat look of it and you really don’t know what it is so would be easy to hide if you needed too.  So let’s get to the details!  First I will say it seemed a bit tighter or maybe it was the Viagra I took before LOL…It was nice and soft and fit well around my she-cock, however one thing that kept happening was it gripping so tight to my cock it would slightly slide out of the case.  Another issue was because of the plastic case when I had lube on my hands it made it hard to hold onto unlike the fleshlight where its smooth and round.  Otherwise it felt great and after getting it lubed up and broke in I was ready to pop.  I like the original fleshlight better but this one gets 3 erect cocks out of five.  Video and pictures now LIVE!





Good people over at Fleshlight are now running a 25% off sale till Nov. 28th in honor of Holiday Weekend.  As you see from my site I am a big fleshlight lover and have used many in scenes and on myself.  If you ever wanted to try one then it’s your time now as the rices are amazing.


Tiffany Starr is a hot new Ts Starlet that is making waves within the Industry.  Very girl next door with a large cock and sweet personality.  While visiting me for a party in Lexington I had the fun of shooting her with a fleshlight.  Watch as Tiffany fucks the fleshlight and then she strokes to a great cumshot.



The newest Starlet Tiffany Starr came to Wendy’s studio in Lexington and got horny quicky.  She really wants to fuck something but noone there not even a bottom fan to take her thick shecock.  Before you know it she finds the toy box with a IceJack in it.  She lays back sliding it up and down on her cock.  She loves the realistic feel and how it grasp around her cock.  Over 100 photos of Tiffany using this icejack and eventually cumming on WendyWilliamsXXX.

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Click the picture or HERE for a video teaser of Kourtney playing with her fleshlight!  Currently members get access to this HD video LIVE on WendyWilliamsXXX.com!

Sept. 20th’s Photo Update is non other than Kourtney.  Currently on WendyWilliamsXXX.com Kourtney is the highest rated model on the site so of course they will be very happy to see not only her big cock but the big cumshot too.   This is an exclusive set done for an upcoming Video called “ToyBox*.  ToyBox will be a DVD with 5 scenes showcasing solo masturbation with fun toys sponsored by Doc Johnson.  So I’ve hired Kourtney to clean my house when she decided to be nosey and open up a box.  Well the box is full of naughty toys and after looking at all of them she finds the mouth fleshlight from Fleshlight itself. (How did that get in there?).  Members will be treated to this photo set as a teaser to the hot HD video going live in a few weeks. 

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So the photo set from this video is currently one of the highest rated photo sets on WendyWilliamsXXX.  So now you can sit back and watch this HD 16min. video of me stroking, fucking the icejack and shooting a nice creamy white load.  Originally this video was suppose to be a shoot with me Xdressing a submissive however he flaked so I had to pull out the good ole icejack.  If you go to my TOUR you can see a small clip from tonights update.

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This shoot originally was suppose to be a Xdressing scene and I was really excited.  The guy was suppose to come over and I was going to dress him up and make him my sissy bitch however once he got there he became shy and decided he didnt want to be on video in drag LOL.  So here I am with the set all ready and decided to pull out my IceJack and just turn it into a solo.  I love this photo set as the red lips and white corset really stand out.  Over 100 high quality photos as a teaser for this HD video upcoming in September.  Remember if you join WendyWilliamsXXX.com you get InterracialTgirlSex.com as a Bonus Site for only 29.95.

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