Doc Johnson

While the gorgeous Ebony beauty Paris Pirelli was in town she did a scene as you saw from the photo’s fucking my toy Doc Johnson ass, now here is a small video clip of her perfect round ass bouncing up and down as she fucks my ass good.





So the great people at 69 Toys (location in Tarzana, CA) and an amazing online store just contacted me and they are among some of the first to have my “Wendy Williams Doggie Style Ass” ready to ship.  This toy is very realistic and was molded from my booty.  They have it at a very competitive price considering the size of the toy.  If you are ready to splurge and get yourself a fun toy then look no further.

PURCHASE HERE from 69 Toys for 240.00

GAMELINK for 330.00

While in Amsterdam shooting with Isa of SMC Productions Angelina showed off her bottle of my “Wendy Williams Salad Tossing Spray” Lollipop.  This Spanish beauty is known for her amazing ass so I’m sure she has no trouble finding stud’s to lick it and possibly try out my amazing flavored lickable body spray!  Thanks to Angelina for supporting me and to Isa for shooting these candid shots.

Angelina Torres Official Website

Purchase a bottle for yourself

See it ONLINE HERE, Page’s 36 and 98!

The biggest and first Product I will talk about is my molded ass toy.  I have to say that I loved how it turned out.  From the realistic size, the balls hanging and the UR3 material it is going to be a great toy to have.  As you see from the photo they spent alot of time to make this a personal item and something you will def. get your monies worth. So whoese ready to fuck me Doggie Style?

Next is are items that I personally came up with the idea and thanks too Doc Johnson they made it a reality.  I love to rim and be rimmed however sometimes people are hesitate with the “idea”.  One day I was in the Hustler Store and found a lickable body spray so fast forward to being on set and got this bright idea to spray it all over my body including ass and my cock LOL.  The guy on set loved it and thus I did it everytime and even sprayed it on the asshole of my co-star.  Well the product became discontinued and I was bummed out (hehe).  With the help of Doc Johnson we have developed my version of the spray in flavors Lollipop and Strawberry.  You will be able to get them in a 16oz bottle.  Here are the labels!

Finally before I do a anal sex I like to start small with my toys and build up.  However I always have to mix and match my toys until Rebecca and I come up with the idea for “Wendys Anal Training Kit”.  This way for those who are starting to experiment in anal sex you can “Start small and End big”. 

This items are the first 3 of a toyline that will have other items such as my molded cock , mouth masturbator and other fun items.  If you have any suggestions let me know.  So if you want any of these items then print this blog post out and take to your nearest adult store and tell them to get ahold of their Doc Johnson buyer and place an order when they come out SOON!  Also I will have the items for sale in my Store! 



Wendy’s Doc Johnson Toys