angelina valentine

So I was looking at my daily blogs, forums and such when I noticed on the SMC Productions Forum/Network Site that female sensation Angelina Valentine and Kimber James exchanged gifts early so their fans could watch. Well it seems since there last meeting Angelina decided she wanted a bigger strap-on to use on Kimbers tight shemale pussy.  So as you see from the pictures they seem very happy and eager to get started.  If you are a Kimber James fan than Im sure you will get excited enough to keep waching to see this scene go live on her official website.  So guys what do you want for Christmas?






Kimber James one of the newest stars to errupt on the scene not long ago does a first for her site and her fans, she tops!  Kimber fucks Female Sensaton and her good friend Angelina Valentine.  Kimber is known for being a bottom girl taking some big dicks and strap ons but a first for both ladies is Angelina getting fucked by Ts Pornstar Kimber James and Kimber being fully erect and giving it to her.  Fans of Kimber James will get to see this set of pics and HD Video coming soon to KIMBERS OFFICIAL WEBSITE!




Well we all know that Belladonna is my ultimate fantasy and someone I look up too but lately Ive become really drawn to Female Pornstar Angelina Valentine and her sexy boyfriend Chris.  Lets start with background, awhile back I found this cute tall lean BIG dick guy on the net named Chris Strokes and of course being a size Queen he rocked a few guilty nights LOL……….Chris was becoming very popular with some big companies until they found out he had done a gay for pay video where he let some dude suck him off, who cares right? Well apparently even though he is straight they didnt like it and stopped using him and I never seen any new work until recently. Well I had seen Angelina at some Industry function and just loved hr look and attitude and to my surprise she dates Chris, double BINGO!!  I think its cool of her to have an open mind and the ability to seperate business and real life!  For these reasons I hope my fans will check out her new site and send her some love.

I almost forgot we both are Kentucky girls so she gets triple cool points!  LOVE HER