1.  Tell us about Foxxy!  Where were you born, brought up and when did you decide to become a Transsexual Woman?
  I was born in the hot desert of Tucson, AZ on April 11th.  I was brought up in Barrio (neighborhood) Hollywood on the Westside of Tucson with my mother who was a single parent attending school and working full time to support both myself and my older brother Alfredo “Freddy”.  then a few years later she almost remarried and had my younger sister Gina and baby brother Rodolfo “Rudy”.  My dad had remarried and had 2 girls, Nicole and Christina and 1 boy Christopher so had many siblings to grow up with.  I was always close to both my mom and dad and like most Hispanic families I was very close to the family.  I found myself being very feminine, always looking good, hair done, always in the mirror, dancing and singing in my room all the time cuz I always wanted to be some kind of entertainer/dancer/or singer.  spent most of my time with my cousins who lived in the same area but found myself mostly playing with the girls.  barbies, talent show, dress up, were always my favs but also into swimming and lot of outdoor fun.  I remember in kindergarten taking home my friend Brook’s big stuffed animal bear home which was prob my size lol..the bear had this big ruffled blue polka-a-dot dress which I fell in love with.  I put my arms thru the dress and spun around so the ruffles could flow..I felt so good wearing it but sad when I had to take the bear back the next day..I will never forget that day.   as I got older I found myself noticing boys and being attracted the male physique but never paid too much attention to my mind being so young.  my mom or family members never kept us kids from playing or told me it was wrong to play with girl stuff so it never came to mind that I maybe different.  I even asked for a Jem and The Holograms doll and Misfitz doll for Christmas and I got them loll.  loved My Lil Pony, She-Ra, and Rainbow Brite cartoons and also had those toys and action figures lol.  dated girls cuz I just thought that’s what I had to do being told by my playboy dad, but never was really interested lol. middle school I knew I was different and wanted to be with a boys.  I was beginning to be attracted to my own friends and gym locker room my becoming heaven to me!  I was the first one home from school so I would go into my moms closet an try on her dresses, heels, and play with her makeup and then perform to Whitney Houston in the mirror lol..loved it!  high school was great..I went to a very diverse school so many homosexuals walked in showed affection openly 
 and even had a lesbian principal so school was fun and comfy where I slowly got to know my body and myself mentally.  I realized there are different people and different lifestyles and everything was okay and made friends with the gay community.  I met a few transgendered girls and was so fascinated I then knew that was what I was.  I then began to do drag shows benefiting different causes in AZ.  it was a great way to dress up and perform like I did in my room.  mom found pictures of me and then questioned me..came out to her and she asked if this is what I wanted.  I answered yes and she then told me we were gonna do this the right way.  she managed a Planned Parenthood clinic which I educated myself to the female body, sex, babies, and STD’s.  she had access to estrogen which she then brought me Premarin pills and I began my journey down the road of transformation at the age of 17
2.  How old were you when you lost your virginity and tell us about it?
I was a bit shy and private when growing up..it took a lot of nerve and curiosity to finally have my first encounter.  my bestie John who I grew up with since 2nd grade turned out to be gay which even when he came out to me I denied my sexuality for couple more yrs lol.  my junior year is when I came out to my bestie but still kept it a secret but there was this bisexual boy who was a freshman but became close to us and began to secretly fool around with John but would always flirt with me and give me the eye and smile at me and groan every time we passed in the hallways.  he was def a blue eyed Hispanic hottie.  John wanted me to have my first experience with Patrick since we were all friends.  I was scared and very nervous cuz I had never had sex with a guy.  one weekend night I picked up both John and Patrick in my car..I was sooo nervous but so anxious to play.  we drove to the desert in an empty lot near a middle school and all 3 of us were in the back seat.  Patrick was in the middle and Joan and I both started to get things heated with Patrick.  the time came and it was going to be my first time sitting on a cock..and it wasn’t a small one either.  I slowly climb on and was trying to ease it in with tons of lube..John forced me down on it and I screamed and jumped off it with a quickness!  it was the most painful feeling ever!  I tried once more and finished the enjoyment but John will never forget my reaction and till this day teases me about it lol.   
3.  How was your school life?
school life was great all 12 years.  I had such great teachers that inspired me and kept learning exciting.  I was an honor student my whole life.  was in many clubs and after school programs to stay busy and out of trouble.  had 2 teachers who played piano..3rd and 6th grade.  we sang music during class and my 3rd grade teacher Mrs Fair would make us perform for the school for different occasions.  so being on stage was no biggie for me and we got to use costumes and dance and sing.  I think that’s when I knew I wanted to become a performer of some sort.  I guess u could say me n John were teachers pets till senior yr lol.  high school offered dance as an elective and in order to be in the performing group I had to maintain a 3.0 or higher so I made sure I had good grades cuz I had to be performing around Tucson.  I was very outgoing and friendly so had many friends..quite popular lol.  I knew the gangster from the hood growing up, knew the jocks, the nerds, the performing arts kids, just about the whole school..I was known as the dancing machine lol.  never had problems or was in fights.  I must say growing up was pretty easy for me.
4.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
wanted to be many things when I grew up and still do lol.  dancing was my passion and MC Hammer was my idol believe it or not so I dreamed of becoming a back up dancer for him not knowing he would no longer be popular lol.  then I loved teaching which I devoted my lil free time I had left to teach after school programs, dance both elementary and middle school but when my dance teacher Mrs Almgren was pregnant she allowed me to take over her 2 beginning classes as a teachers aide and for the free period in high school.  I then wanted to become a dance teacher.  I was always into the medical field cuz my mom job so she would put me to work in the office and teach me things so I wanted to be a nurse or a plastic surgeon.  I was always massaging my mom, aunts, and grandparents that I was known as the masseuse so naturally I had a thing for massage therapy so I just may attend school for that next yr cuz I actually enjoy it.
5.  How did you get started in Porn/when?  Tell us about your first porn experience!
 I got started in porn in 2003 when I had just moved to Las Vegas.  I was a go-go dancer at the Las Vegas Lounge and during the AVN Expo the few photographers, directors/owners of web sites came in the bar and passed me some biz cards  asking me if I would do some web modeling and then find out it was nude modeling and solo vids for their web sites.  thought about it and back then 6-800 was a lot to me esp when I was saving all my paychecks for breast implants.  within that same week I shot for Shemale Strokers, Shemaleyum, and Franks T-girl World.  I was so excited and was very nervous.  luckily I had my roommate and partner in crime Passion shoot also and come along with me so we helped each other and made the best of it.  a year later I did my first Joey Silvera film, Road trip 11.  was great to work with him but def wasn’t sure what to expect knowing his work was very hardcore.  he’s a great guy and I topped and bottomed for the scene and did photos and it was a full long day of work but def the start to my porn career!
6.  What is your favorite type of scene to do?
Its always fun to top a guy or be the girly ts n get banged by the guy(s) but I got into filming TS on TS stuff.  its just more fun and we can create a good hot scene and fans of both girls can watch their fav girls together.  plus its almost like being star struck and being able to work with popular girls or big named girls in the industry but its funny when the younger rising stars ask to work with me..I’m flattered and makes me feel great!
7.  What can ur members of TS-Foxxy.com expect?
they can expect to see the real Foxxy which everyone loves to know and see.  I’m def trying to change things every few months so I am able to get a bit of everything from fetish, glamour, and straight out hardcore sex!  I have an oral fixation and love to film my own home vid and POV blow jobs..so many beautiful cocks and I want my fans to be able to participate and be part of the site as well so ull def see lot of home vids
8.  If you could do a scene with any mainstream male performer who would it be and why?
 well I have actually fooled around with a couple mainstream performers who aren’t open about it due to the crazy industry and its haters but I think it would have to be Vince Voyeur..I had a crush on him when I was younger n watched the Spice Channel..they never showed his cock but  his body n shy self and good looks drove me crazy..not till I got to see porn videos I then finally got to see his big cock and I would love to taste it till this day lol
9.  How has Transsexual Porn changed from the time you started until now?
 well I wouldn’t say its changed much but nowadays I noticed that there are all these new girls being made into starlets a lil easier then we did back in the day and now everyone is getting their own sites and wanting their own sites which is great to see them so motivated and working hard.
10.  You are known as a Party girl in Vegas, do you tell guys at clubs that you are a transsexual?  When they find out how do they react? 
 yes I love to party n let loose when time permits and it gives me time to have fun with my girls.  I have earned my respect in the Vegas nightlife and I am very mature now so I know how to stay in control of things and teach my girls how to be in a club where we are always being watched.  I know a lot of people such as bouncers, bartenders, doormen, VIP hosts, etc..so they  find out eventually and some of the new guys who don’t know me sometimes tell the men for me which ruined my fun but def doesn’t bother me cuz I’m only there for fun and wild times.  I hardly ever go to pick up on guys or take them home..the one night stand scene is big in Vegas but for me I learned its best I leave fun at club and skip all the explaining and having to deal with the reactions of men.  although there are times when guys know I’m different or maybe figure out me or one of my friends and they ask me if I’m really a “guy” but if he’s interested by his tone and curiosity then ill def be honest and tell the truth..sometimes if a guy is being a jerk about it ill walk away n continue my fun.  most guys I do tell are more shocked then anything cuz they don’t believe me. some guys say its Vegas and what happen here stays here and that’s when the night really end with a bang lol.
11.  After your Adult Career is over what would you like to do?
 I wanna commit to my lover of almost 3 yrs and live a normal fun life with a family and working as a massage therapist or maybe even having my own day spa
12.  Does your family know about your Porn Career and if so how did they react or how do they act about it?
 I’m very close to my family and we have all been very open with each other and we stick together.  once I came out to them that I was gonna transform myself to a woman I felt no reason to ever have to hide again.  everyone knows I do porn and supports me 100%.  my mom is def my number one supporter and she sometimes comes along with me to shoot or helps me as my assistant and plus being on the road or away from family its great to least have her with me.  my older brother loves I’m part of the industry..he loves his mainstream girls and has attended the AVN Expo a couple times, the awards, red carpet, and even parties in Vegas.  my family loves being around me and my friends.
13.  Who is your favorite Video Producer to work for?  Company?
 well Joey silvera is probably best to work for but he likes all the fresh faces and new girls so I no longer have the opportunity to work with him but still see him at events n chat.  Tom Moore of Devils Films is always fun to work with..very chill guy..I have graced more Devils Films then anything so def my fav company but I have worked with more photographers for web sites then videos.
14.  What is the one thing you want to do on camera you haven’t done yet?
 always wanted a gang bang…creampie and a bukakke lol…just hard to get that many guys at once
15.  What is some of things you look for in a man that turn’s you on?
 everyone is unique in their own way so I’m attracted to diff types of men and styles its hard to point out but def a nice stomach, muscular hairy legs, cute bubble butt, cute smile, eyes, and def a thick cock (love a thick cock rather then a long dick)
16.  When guy’s contact you via phone or email what are some things they SHOULD NOT do if they want you to take them serious?
 talk sexual or what they wanna do to me or what they want me to do to them.  sweet talk a whole lot of nothings cuz half the time they say things we might want to hear but dealing with the same lines daily u know right off the back when its sincere or just BS talk lol.
17.  What is the kinkiest thing you have done with a guy you just met?  Where?
 I always test the guys I am with in my personal life by butt play..I see if they allow me to eat their ass or finger them while blowing them..something about a guys ass turns me on so its def butt play sometimes they are so horny or into me I can actually fuck them and then wonder what they think about it after.  on film is could have to be cumming on a guys asshole or snow balling with the guy and his own cum
18.  How can fans contact you?
 my fan and biz email is Foxxy702@Gmail.com
19.  I’m going to name a Transsexual Porn star tell me the first Word that comes to your mind.
Danielle Foxx-creative
Allanah Starr-wild
Meghan Chavalier- (never met her)
Buck Angel-handsome
Natassia Dreams-spontaneous
Wendy Williams-intelligent

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