Name: Jesse
Location: San Diego
3 Time AVN Nominee for “Transsexual Performer of the Year
Appeared on Howard Stern 2010 Bost Beautiful Transsexual’s Contest
2011 ToyLine Coming with California Exotics

1. When did you start officially living your life as a Transsexual Woman?
Well I kind of always lived this way. I never really transitioned as I don’t take hormones and have always looked like this, but I guess official would be 8 yrs ago when I got a boobjob.

2. How was your school life as a “tranny in training”?
School life was very hard. I had no friends and was tormented every day, was called names on a daily basis because people didn’t know what to think of me, looking like a girl but being in the boys lines/locker also was a very hypocritical situation guys would be mean to me in public but in private be nice and flirty. Being so lonely didn’t help as I was very depressed and attempted suicide several times. luckily failing!

3. When did you decide and how to start your Adult Career? How long in the Industry?
I kind of always knew I’d be in the adult industry in some form,I was always a sexual person naturally and I always wanted to be a model/actor and this was the closest I could get to that dream, so sadly there aren’t to many mainstream opportunities for ts in modeling or acting. I’ve been in the business for 5 yr this December. She male Yum was my first shoot. I believe they found me on a adult job site I posted a profile on.

4. When people hear the name “Jesse” in porn what do your fans think of automatically?
Big Dick, Boob Job and Top

5. What sexually turns you on the most?
I have a lot of turn on’s, the biggest is a guy with a great ass(as obviously I’m a ass-girl lol)

6. Since you started have you seen anything change with Ts Porn?
I think we are getting into a bit more creativity in our “storylines”.I love a story where you can create a parody,or revision characters. its fun to dress up and make more of a “story” movie. I’ve noticed more people appreciate the hard work/effort that goes into films, sadly I’ve also notice we aren’t shooting like we used to due to the economy, hopefully that turns around soon.

7. Thus far in your career what is your favorite scene, describe it, and who was it for?
Hmm,hard to pick a fav scene as I enjoy all my movies I’m in. I do love my fan fuxxx series a lot as I get to involve the fans and they appreciate it and enjoy seeing the realness, but if I had to pick a scene not from my site, I’d say it was my scene with John Magnum for Shemale Pornstars. He had a yummy ass so I loved eating it and fucking it for quite a long time. lol

8. You are very involved with your website, tell us about it?
I like being hands on with my image and what I put out myself so I do a lot of work on my own for my site including shooting my own photos myself(with a little help sometimes), my own videos and doing my own photo editing and learning to video edit soon. Due to filming scenes myself is where I created
Jesse’s Fan Fuxxx, a series where I shoot with my fans and help them have a ultimate fantasy with me, all real(non actors), all hardcore, and shot by me. I’m in my 3rd season of it now(filming starts DEC/Jan).
I also do my own makeup/hair/costumes and ideas for my shoot. I try to be creative and try to please all the fans. I top/bottom, shoot with guys/girls/ts and experiment with different fetishes as best I can to be versatile and diverse.

9. Most who follow you know your love for comics, tell us about it?
lol well yes its well known I’m a big comic nerd. I try to go to comic con every year but it seems I’ve been going every other year as 2008 and 2010 I missed due to breast implant surgeries. In 2007 I was photographed for a book called the women of comic con, I was also interviewed on msnbc that year. In 2009 I was on spike TV as one of the hottest girls at comic con and interviewed and both years was on many blogs as one of the hottest at comic con. Little did anyone I always had fun and have always expressed my inner comic geek. I love it all comics/cartoons/movie and I plan on attending 2011 comic con also. I had a tradition of being a different Cat woman each year I went but am not sure about this coming years costume.

10. You recently became the 3rd Ts to have a toy line, tell us about the company, what toys can we expect? (Others with toys: Gia Darling, Allanah Starr, Wendy Williams, and Mia Isabella and Bailey Jay).
My toy line is with California Exotics and was a huge honor to be chosen. I was super excited to do it and be in the company of the few great its to have toy lines. I thought it was cool and a bit weird to see myself
in toy form. I saw the packaging recently(sadly couldn’t share with anyone yet due to them being the demos but soon I can share the photos) it was weird seeing my dildo as it looked exactly like my dick! so that’s good for the fans who want my real cock(or the closest thing)lol.I have 3 products so far, a dildo,a deluxe blow up doll, and a masturbator sleeve of my ass.i believe all is due to come out in January. I’m very excited and hope it does phenomenal so I can extend the toy line into other products.

11. What is a typical day like for you?

Most people think I have this fabulous,exciting,wild life. Quite to the contrary actually, sadly its a bit boring over at my No wild parties or drunken orgies. I’m either working on my website work, working on a new movie or sitting at home watching a movie or fucking some ass! lol

12. How do you separate your relationships with your Pornships LOL?
Well I’ve always had real boyfriends the entire time I’ve been in the adult business up until this yr.(still looking) its pretty easy for me to separate my two lives. I keep work at work and my private life stays private. I don’t shoot movies for my site or anything with my boyfriends as that’s for us only. I also don’t share my work with boyfriends or talk about it. The only thing they ever see is a solo photo set or something like that, it keeps them from getting jealous as they don’t have to think about me with other guys. Its just like I’m going off to the office, work is work.

13. Tell us something about you that most people would have no idea or know?
That I’m a awesome bottom I love to get fucked, you just don’t see it often on film. I’m trying to mix it up so the fans see it a bit more. Maybe I’ll do a season of Fan Fuxx of nothing but me bottoming? Maybe

14. You currently have your 3rd consecutive AVN Nomination, why do you think you keep getting nominated?
I work very hard and always deliver a great scene and do my best. Its all real enjoyed sex and I think fans appreciate not seeing a robotic performance so I give it my all. Hopefully one year soon I’ll win that AVN, as its been a goal of mine and means a lot to me.

15. What are some fun things coming up your fans can look for?
Along with my toy line for California exotics in January, another season of Jesse’s Fan Fuxxx, I’m hoping to continue shooting fun and creative scenes for other companies as well as my own site. Expanding my name/image into other fields of media, maybe I’ll make a music album lol just kidding. I’m also working on a big action movie for my site where ill be running around shooting guns and riding quads in the dessert. Gonna be fun!

16. Tell us about your social networks so we can check you out! Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc
Twitter is (jesseflo) ,my Facebooks are (The.Jesseflo) and (The.Jesseflo2) ,my Myspace are (ts_pornstar_jesse) (ts_jesse)

17. Anything you would like the readers to know?
That I love and appreciate all of them!

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