1.  Tell us about your transition thus far, growing up and how it began? 
Growing up was really weird. I got caught all the time by my mom and I think she was in denial for years about me.  It was like don’t ask don’t tell.  
Either that or she really was oblivious about it.  I didn’t even know what a transsexual was actually untill I was about 15(Thanks to Olivia Love and Gia Darling’s porn!), but I have always known as far as I can remember
what I wanted to be.  I came out to my then partner when I was 18 and ended up transitioning a couple years later after we broke up. At first, it was really difficult.
Coming out to family and not knowing what to expect. Coming out at work, to friends, etc.  After that, it just got a lot easier. Partly because everyone was very supportive of me and I had
surrounded myself with a great community of trans and queer friends from LA that were there for me too : )
2.  What made you decide to start in Adult Entertainment ?
I have always enjoyed people watching me for some reason. I think its just one of my kinks.  Right before I started porn, I used to get my ex girlfriend to tie me up and take pictures of me and post
them to random ts message boards on live journal. I used to take pictures of myself and post them too just for fun.  I never really had a goal to get into adult entertainment though.  
I just happened to meet Buddy Wood at a bar one night and we exchanged information and here I am now.  If that didn’t happen, I would just be posting my photos on live journal and 4chan instead.
3.  You are labeled as a “Transbian” what do you think of the term and what does that mean to you? 
When I think of the term Transbian, I think of a transsexual who identifies as a lesbian or as someone who is mainly into girls.  That doesn’t mean you have to confine yourself to gender orientation norms though.
Just because I identify as trans-lesbian, doesn’t mean I am only allowed to be interested in women.  Sure I find men attractive, but I will always be with women.  Its just more natural to me.
What can I say?  
4.  You speak on twitter a lot about your continued education, share a bit with us.
Well, I stopped going to school before I transitioned a while ago. Basically I dropped out to work full time and transition.  When I started working in porn, I was in a place in my life
where I could go back to school and not have to deal with the akwardness of being a mid transitioner. Not only that, but I quit my full time job because I was just miserable working there.
So that left me with a lot of free time! I decided that this might be one of my only chances to have the time to go back and finish school and do what I want to do. I mean, lets face it. I can’t
do porn forever. When I am done, I want to do something that I will enjoy.  Which is why I decided to change my major from psychology to biology with plans to transfer and change to marine biology(I grew up living at the beach)
5.  Your website is still new to the internet, what can a potential member expect once joining?
Correct, It hasn’t even been open for a year just yet, but I think I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary very soon.  I think I have about 64 or so different sets on my site. Every set
has atleast 90-100 photos and a full video to go along with it.  Its a lot of work, but my members deserve it! 
A lot of them are solo photo and video sets and there are about 15 hardcore sets so far.  Most of them are of me or me with another girl. I have a couple with guys. We update once a week, so new content
is being added all the time. Not only am I releasing new content every single week, but grooby is adding in a free set from random sites of their’s every week as well. So usually there
are two updates a week. One of me and one of another random girl.  Aside from the constant content updates, I like to have fun with my members, so you can find a whiteboard section
where I can draw pictures at the same time as my members or post notes for fun.  I also have a DVD catalog where people can order my movies from. And as other grooby sites have, you can rate
all my photo sets, leave comments, and create a personal portfolio where you can save all your favorite content at.  I also have a blog where members can keep up on whats going on with me and a free
forum where members and non members can talk and discuss my site, make requests or suggestions or just hang out and chat with me!
6.  What is your favorite scene to date and what about it was so special?
I actually have 2 favorite scenes. One was in Next Top tranny 6 with Astrid Shay and one was for my site with Christian recently.  The scene with Astrid was just a very intense and real scene.
I think I remember it being really hot in the room, so we were both really sweaty and horny and had great chemistry. It was just a really hot scene to shoot.  And the scene I did recently 
with Christian XXX for my site was the same way.  I got to play some soccer during the shoot since he was supposed to be my coach, which was fun. And then We had really great chemistry.
I was just feeling really good that day and we fucked eachothers brains out. It couldn’t be any better than that!
7.  What thing’s about the Industry do you enjoy and what could you do without?
The thing I enjoy most about in industry is shooting! Its fun. I love acting. I love getting paid to fuck hot girls and guys. I just love making porn.  What could I do with out? 
Porn Politics, internet critics, stuck up girls, and the technical part of getting content from the camera to the net is always a pain in the butt too!
8.  What is a normal day like for the non-Pornstar Amy? 
Its pretty normal actually! I get up, get ready for school, come home, browse the internet, play some world of warcraft, do my homework or read the text book, watch internet TV and goto sleep.
Although I have been known to sleep late into the afternoon on occasion after a night of drinking or partying.
9.  If you could work with one person who would it be and why? 
Celeste.  Shes fucking hot!  My favorite girl to watch in the industry by far.
10.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
I see myself hopefully working in a lab examining ocrean life or out at sea collecting samples and studying once I have completed school.
11.  What is something your lover can do that really turns you on/off?
The one thing that gets me all the time is getting their nails across my back.  It puts me in a trance. But I also love hair pulling and getting tied up TIGHT untill I can barely struggle.
I love being put in bondage.  As far as turn offs go, bad breath, hairy bodys, and bad body odor are all big turn offs for me. Nothing worse than getting breathed on by someone with some nasty 
breath. Gross!
12.  What is something about yourself that people would never know or expect? 
Thats a tough one since I know what to expect of myself.  But the thing I get the most is how honest, easy going and down to earth I am.  I guess being in this industry, some of the girls
can give us a bad rep for being rude or stuck up or not nice. But the one thing I hear the most is how easy going I am and down to earth I am when people meet me.  
13.  What would be the ultimate dinner for you?
OMG Food. I LOVE italian food. A Huge lasanga with a ceasar salad and some white wine would be the ultimate dinner for me. Italian food is my weakness when it comes to food. Keep me away from
italian restraunts, I am trying to lose weight!
14.  Your one indulgence is? 
MMO’s. Massive Multiplayer Online games.  World of warcraft, DC Universe Online, Star Wars when it comes out, etc… I am addicted to them.  I have been playing WoW for years and play it all 
the time when I have free time.  Its a bad addiction, but it saves me tons of money since I stay home to play.
15.  What currently is on your ipod that you listen too?
My top played bands would probably be Death Cab for Cutie, Saves The Day, The postal Service, Rilo Kiley, Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies, and Silversun Pickups as of late.
16.  Did you watch Transsexual Porn or know anything about it when you first started?  Anyone that you really liked style wise and or their “look”? 
I didn’t really watch it or get into it before I started. I didn’t know anyones names or anything like that.  I watched it when I was about 15 when Olivia Love and Gia Darling were popular, 
but after that I didn’t pay attention to it.  When I actually started shooting porn, I always admired Hazel Tucker.  We ended up being close friends and she was a pretty big influence on me just being
one of my best friends. Right now, there are a ton of girls that I like style wise or their look.  Danielle Fox, Celeste, and Yasmine Lee are some girls that are my favorites. There are way too many
to list though and I feel bad leaving anyone out.
17.  Does any blooper’s stand out that are funny you would like to share?
One time I was shooting in my tub and had the candles lit. I bent over to get a certain shot and poof! part of my hair went up in flames.  It went out really quick, and my hair stylist
couldn’t see any damage, so I got really really lucky.  Buddy Wood had it on video, but I made him deleted it lol.
18.  Tell us about your Tranny Award at the Tranny Awards.
Well last year, I won the best new face award, which has since then turned into the Best Up and Cummer award that Domino won this year. I was actually very proud that I won that award because I started
off with kind of a bad year. I had two bad sets go up on Shemale Yum that I wasn’t too happy about when I first started my career early on in the year. I wasn’t even going to get any more work.  
But I worked on my craft of porn at home making my own movies and taking photos for fun, and changed my look and style dramaticaly. I came back and shot some popular sets 6 months later, Shot a few DVD’s 
and ended up taking home the best new face award. Which was followed up this year with multiple nominations in different catagories and an AVN nomination.
19.  “Sex in the air and I like the smell of it”  What does Sex smell like to you, good sex atleast? 
Its like the sweet smell of girls sweating all over eachother in a dark room mixed with the scent of ropes and chains. Ok, this is getting me turned on now…
20.  Here are some Industry name’s, what is the first word that pop’s up in your mind?
Domino Presley
Gia Darling
Buddy Wood
Mandy Mitchell
COCK. Just being honest. Most of them have one too, so it kinda fits lol.
21.  Can you leave us with your social network’s so all can follow more of you.
Yes! You can follow me on twitter at

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