1.  Tell our readers how the existence of “Line Trap” and “Harley Quinn” began?

I use to attend anime conventions in and around Virginia when I was starting my transition and I got way more attention than I had bargained for once my biological gender was revealed. People were blown away by how passable I am! Before I knew it I was being asked to do solos on shemale adult sites.

 2.  What made you entertain the thought of doing porn?

Well, despite my innocent face, I have always been an extremely sexual person. I have a very, very healthy sexual appetite so it was just a no brainier really. I got away with doing solos these last 2 years skating by on being passable, but I’m happy to finally do hardcore work!

3.   Tell us about your first sexual experience dressed as a female?

I think I was at my first anime convention. I was wearing a draw string ponytail I had secretly bought behind my mother’s back., and a micro mini skirt. I was a hot little 16 y/o mess with way too much eyeliner on. And met a boy and he jumped on me immediately. I told him half way into making out and he said “fuck it” lol afterwards my “boy brain” kicked in and I told some lie and ditched him.

4.   Your first shoots were for ShemaleYum, tell us about the reaction from the anime community?

They were stunned to say the least, my gender had been a huge debate for a year prior to my shoots. It felt good  in a way, to finally get it out there, But felt even better when I realized I had an amazingly devoted fan base.

5.  What is your nationality?  We as fans have heard many so set the record straight!

I am actually half Italian and half Portuguese

6.  What is a normal Bailey Jay day like?

Either shooting hot sweaty scenes with my friends, hitting up the strip clubs here is Vegas, or staying in and watching cartoons and doing laundry.

7.  Favorite food to veg out with?

I am obsessed with curry. I make it at least once a month. So I guess I am like a genetic girl. Smelling bad once a month. ha ha

8.  Sexually what turns you on the most?

I really love eating a mans ass, I can just jerk off while a guy squats on my face and makes me smell his balls and ass hole. I will cum instantly.

9.  You just recently shot your first hardcore, tell us about it and your co-star and what it was like doing sex on camera?

Oh! It went amazingly well!  My co-star was Bee Armitage, she was adorable. We were both a little shy at first, but we warmed up fast! It wasn’t my first time banging someone within the same hour of just meeting them. She is my new best friend.  We are hanging out non stop.

10.  Tell us about some of the things members can expect with your new Official web site www.ts-baileyjay.com

Well, I have shot some fetish stuff  with bondage and water sports , smoking, feet stuff, and even some movie quality interviews!  Basic solos, Not to mention another scene with Bee Armitage. Our scene for the site is kind of a parody of porn and I even dress up as a slutty plumber and “clean out her pipes” and I suck her huge cock like a real grown up porn star !

11.  You recently met Belladonna, how did this come to happen and how was it meeting her?

It was so random! Her and I share a lot of fans and apparently a guy in one of her forums told her to google me. She complied, and fell in love! She emailed me and had me come by her place and interview me. The two of us instantly clicked! She is the sweetest girl in the world!

12.  Why currently are you shooting only with female and other TS?

Well I do like men..a lot! But I have the world’s most loyal male fan base. And in a strange way I like to be loyal back to them. Most of my fans don’t want to see me with a man unless its them. I don’t wannabe be too big of a heartbreaker so early on.

13.   Tell us about your move from Virginia too Vegas?

I was living a pretty humble life in Virginia. I worked as a sushi waitress and geeked out with my friends, but my career soon started to blow up and I had to leave everything I had ever known to make a name for myself. I am so happy I did, even if I was a little scared at first.

14.  You recently shot with Porn Producer Icon Joey Silvera, how was it working with him and what did you learn from that shoot?

Oh golly, Joey and I are great friends now! We have very similar ways of operating. He is an amazing friend and mentor and one of the most outstanding men I have met in this industry so far.

15.  What makes Bailey Jay unique?

I like to think my brain, but most people would probably say my nose. Its weird but I still manage to rock it, somehow.

16.  Where can your fans learn more about you and keep up to date with you?  List of your social networks!

Twitter- Baileyjay88

17.   What would you like to see change in the transsexual porn market?

I am too sweet to get into that on paper. Just, that certain companies should have a more caring family mentality.

18.  If you could shoot with one big name female and male star who would it be and why?


James Deen- because there is a good chance his cock might smell like Sasha Grey’s pussy

19.  What is your favorite type of porn to watch, what gets you going?

Lately, I have been watching gay porn.. like skinny twinks fetching and rimming. I’m weird.

20.  Anything you want those reading this to know about you that I haven’t covered?

I am so very excited that my porn career is taking off so huge this year, and I hope to just be nominated for AVN Trans Performer of the year. It would mean the world to me to win. I have a 22nd runner up trophy from my 3rd grade spelling bee, just laughing at me on my shelf. I need this!

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