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1.  First tell us about how you, April Flores, go into the Adult Industry?

I entered the adult industry in 2005. I did my first scene with porn legend Belladonna. I thought it was going to be a one time thing, so I did it for the experience Since I am an exhibitionist, I found that I really loved performing sex on camera. Shortly after that, I was offered another scene and then another. Things progressed and after a while, I realized that performing in porn was something I wanted to devote myself to. I was driven to stay in the industry because it allowed me to represent a larger bodied person owning her sexuality. Media rarely shows larger women being sexually free and owning it. I decided to use my body as a political statement to challenge the norms of what is considered desirable and beautiful. I use my work as a tool to empower and inspire other fat women, and to counter to the images that we are fed that make us feel inadequate. My goals have been to show other women that they don’t have to put off their happiness until they lose weight. I feel truly blessed that this industry has given me the chance to spread this message to many people.


2.  You are one of the most well known and a huge fan favorite in the BBW and mainstream market, how hard was it for you to not only be known as a “BBW” Pornstar but also have the success you have had with toy lines, mainstream gigs and your Vivid Radio Show?

I feel truly grateful that I have gained success and accomplishments in this industry. It hasn’t been hard to be known as a BBW Pornstar and do mainstream gigs at the same time. I use all my projects as a means to grow and each opportunity has enhanced the next.


3.  Tell us about the Voluptuous Life on Vivid Radio?

My show is live, every Thursday from 1-2pm PST on Vivid Radio SiriusXM 415. The title “Voluptuous Life” was inspired by one of the first movies my late husband and long time collaborator, Carlos Batts directed which I stared in. “Voluptuous Life” means a voluptuous body, but also encompasses living a fantastic, luxurious, sexual life. My show is entertaining, informative, tantalizing, and arousing. I discuss sex and like to draw from and share my real life experiences. I love it because it is a way to interact with a broader audience while sometimes educating them and most times turning them on.  I often have fellow performers, educators, comedians and artists on as guests. I take calls so listeners can also ask my guests and I pretty much anything they want. Radio has been challenging at times because it is a new medium for me to express myself. The thing I love most about my show is that it’s a way to start, maintain and continue a dialogue about sex and life.

4.  How would you describe yourself sexually?

The term I use to describe my sexuality is Fluid.


5.  Speaking of Sex, coming Sept. 1st you will debut on with Trans performer Isabella Sorrenti.  Have you had a personal or scene with a Trans performer before?

I was thrilled to work with and Isabella! I have performed with many Trans people throughout my career, beginning with one of the very first films I was in “Voluptuous Life” by Carlos Batts in 2007.


6.  Why do you think many Females and Male Performers have a issue with crossing over to work with both Trans men and women?

Being part of the Adult Industry has given me ways to express myself, introduced me to my trans partner and closest trans friends, given me a community, and allowed me to share my belief that all people deserve to enjoy their sexuality regardless of their weight. That being said, there are still many ways the industry needs to advance and catch up to modern times. Transphobia in addition to racism, sexism and fatphobia are all are prevalent and problematic. I think these factors perpetuate ignorance and carry a harmful stigma that negatively impacts performers and their idea of who to perform with.



7.  What is something that stands out in your mind about your scene with Isabella?

I loved being on set connecting with Isabella the day of the shoot. She was so wonderful to work with and our sex was beyond hot! The members are in for a real treat! Isabella brought the most beautiful lingerie for our scene, and we were so cute! I loved working with her and would jump at the chance to work with her again.


8.  For our slutty bottoms or anal virgins, how do you prepare for Anal Sex?

Lube, lube, lube!


9.  BBW’s and Trans women are still fighting for mainstream acceptance in the Adult Industry, how can fans help progress these movements?

Fans of BBW and Trans performers can help by supporting our work. Most performers are on social media and we are constantly promoting the various ways you can support us. As with most things, money makes the biggest impact. If big companies see that these genres are generating a lot of revenue, they will finance and produce projects that feature a more diverse cast.


10.  Do you have any fun upcoming projects to tease us with?

I just launched a cannabis blog with my partner Milcah Halili called FatFlower.Media. Fat Flower focuses on connecting minorities to organic cannabis and features companies who care about health and community. I also plan on reviving,, as well as continue shooting scenes for



11.  What Social media sites can fans find more of you on?

I am @TheAprilFlores on Twitter and Instagram.



12.  If a fellow performer is reading this and on the fence about working with a Trans person what would you tell them?

I would tell them to follow their intuition and do what they feel what is best for themselves. If you avoid certain projects based on other people’s opinions, I am not sure how that would feel good in the long run. In the end, we will all be left with our own individual legacies, the choices we made to support our dreams, or the opportunities we missed out on.



13.  If the possibility came up to work with a TS again, who are some on your radar?

I would love to work with TS Foxxy, Venus Lux, Mandy Mitchell and Mia Isabella.


14.  Describe what makes you feel sexy?

I feel sexy when I am in full hair and make up, looking fabulous. I feel sexy when my partner is loving up on me. I feel sexy when I know what I want and can express myself.


15.  Anything you want to leave us with?

Yes! Check out Fat Girl. It is a photography book that was published in 2013, shortly before Carlos passed away. I am extremely proud of it because it is a collection of photos Carlos took of me over a 12 year span. Also, check out FatFlower.Media to keep up with all the exciting things we have planned ahead.

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