So as a few of you have seen I have used a fleshlight several times in videos and also had guys use them for my solo guy masturbation dvd. Anyhow I am a huge fan and user of the fleshlight so I was looking at their website and noticed they have a series of fleshlight girls with ladies like Jenna Haze and Tera Patrick molds and likeness and it got me thinking WHY NOT A TRANSSEXUAL FLESHLIGHT?? So with that being said who better than ME to be the first transsexual to have her own fleshlight. I would be so turned on and excited to know guys are out their fucking my mouth, ass and or both while hoping it was the real thing. THAT ROCKS! So in my quest to make this happen I need those who are fleshlight fans and of course my fans to let fleshlight know there is a market for this type of toy and you would love to see it happen. So with this being said LETS make it happen and here is how you can do it.

Now listen I want you guys to be professional and if you email to explain WHY you think I would be a great choice and why you would but a TS Fleshlight. We dont want to spam them with a sentence but really let them know you would buy one. Have you had one before? Etccc Please email them here

ALSO they have a forum that is FREE to signup which has a suggestion area and I started a thread so please sign up and show your love and support. I am VERY serious about this and think it would ROCK so I hope my fans will show love and lets make the first Transsexual Wendy Williams Fleshlight!

Here is a link you can see 15 pics of me using my fleshlight:




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