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So Ive been getting a lot of emails requesting some pantyhose photos and I was happy to try and give you some.  Now before you look at the set remember that these were done amateur feel as the video was me and my friend passing the camera back and forth. Obviously he is NOT a professional so if you see a blurred pic or not the best angle it was all done in the heat of the moment. I turned on the camera and he shot away! You will get over 120 photos showcasing my thick cock under some sheer pantyhose and ending with both my masked camera guy and myself squirting all over those hose.  Video has been sent off to editing and you can expect a HD video shot from both of our point of view.  Watch as we both perform oral, I get my assed licked and then we shoot our loads.  Now why did I come up with this now?  I noticed it was time to shave my legs and a light went off, PANTYHOSE!  So instead of shaving my legs I placed the hose on and got naughty. ENJOY!!  COMING TO MY SITE ON Aug. 27th!!