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The great people of FleshJack send me over a box of goodies every so often and I have two reviews coming up on my blog with matching photo sets and videos to be put up on  The first was the Samuel O’Toole Mouth FleshJack.  We all know I love love me a fleshlight (Ive tried for years for them to mold me for the first ever TS fleshlight but so far no luck).  I loved the packaging and artwork when it arrived especially the color of blue that the actual case is.  I grabbed my spunk lube and begin to fuck his mouth!  I instantly noticed that the texture was a bit more dense which made the mouth looser than normal.  Not sure if its different then the regular fleshlights but seemed more loose.  Of course easy to use with a perfect grasp to thrust with.  There is no smell like some adult toys come with and overall it’s a nice sex toy especially if you have a fantasy of the stud that is Samuel O’Toole.  I have reviewed many fleshlights and continue to be impressed with them all, though the original fleshlight (ass) is my favorite.  This toy will be perfect for the fan of this actor and will give you plenty of pleasure.  I GIVE this toy 8 hard on’s out of 10.




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While in Atlantic City for Exxxotica I was able to meet up with Josh from  While at the convention everyday seeing all these hot guys roaming around made me so horny.  So before day 2 of the convention I decided to jack off and explode for the camera.  I loved sitting back playing with my fat cock while imagining have a big dick down my throat.  If you join you will be able to see my hardcore with big cock stud Ramon…….. Don’t wait and join now to see my solo HERE.



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A friend sent me this link to a new dating website so head over there and check them out.  Create a profile and or search for a date!  Instead of watching my porn every night take a break and go out and find the real thing, HEHE




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