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Enjoy the Preview, his cock was tasty and felt so good.


Houston was nice but short.  Sadly my club appearance got cancelled so I spent time catching up on sleep and eating.  We packed up the car and headed north on 45 for Dallas.  As we were getting close to Dallas we seen a sign for DW”s Video (I-45 (Exit 243)
Rice, TX 75155
)  Once you figure how to loop around for the other side you pull in to a nice big parking lot.  Must be 19 to enter and once you walk in we were greeted by Amy (SO NICE).  Very clean store, nice stocked aisles, lingerie wall, toys/novelty items everywhere.  In the anal section I saw my Doc Johnson Anal Training Kit (YEA).  I then spoke to Amy and she showed me there nice TS Section which was nicely stocked.  None of my HotWendy Productions DVD’s however I gave her a catalog and hopefully SOON.  If you are in the Rice, TX area or passing through then please stop in and show them some support with a purchase.  Tell Amy that Wendy said hello!  They could be getting my cock also!

So I had a great time in Galveston, TX at Stars Beach Club.  The staff and patrons were amazing and I can’t wait to return to the Island.  I had alot of fun.  The weather was windy but sunny while I was there and I had fun coming in early.  Enjoyed some good food, walk on beach, went to the movies and just relaxed at the hotel.  Thanks to Kourtney for making it all happen!
















On the way out on 45 I seen the sign for VIDEO BOUTIQUE (5309 Interstate 45, La Marque, TX 77568)  Great store front and easy parking next to a bar.  When we entered I was greeted by a very nice sales woman.  The store is open with alot of novelty items, toys, etc.  They did have some of my Doc Johnson Lickable Body Sprays.  The Transsexual DVD selection was fairly large with a good selection of Devils, Robert Hill ETC.  I did manage to grab me some neat “Porn Star” Jeweled Pasties and gave the clerk a DVD catalog and hope to get them stocked.  If you are close to the area or passing by please stop in and show them some love.  Tell Melissa that Wendy sent ya 🙂  Stay tuned to see if I get them stocked! (I blocked out the car in the picture for privacy)



If you are a Brooke fan then you will be in heaven this week as she is appearing on three websites:  ShemaleStrokers, WendyWilliamsXXX and InterracialTgirlSex.   If you are a Brooke fan then check her out on  She has been in Chicago shooting with Jasmine Jewels so you know she is putting out amazing photo sets and scenes.  I love how each set she mixes it up with different outfits and location.  So all of you guys who love a beautiful transsexual woman with a great firm ass, long legs, large cock and of course a great smile.

So car is packed and had a great time in Nashville so we hit 40 West and made our way to Memphis.  While driving in the rain we saw a few signs for two stores (same chain) that I have never seen.  First we hit the Miranda Adult Store in BuckSnort (4970 Hwy 230 (I-40 at Bucksnort Exit 152, Only, TN 37140)  When you walk in you see a very clean store with nice selections of everything  a good store needs: Dvd’s , Novelty items, Toys, Gag gifts and more!  I looked around and noticed they carry alot of name brand items and they have a decent TS line of DVD’s however none of my Doc Johnson and or DVD’s.  I did find some nice neon color fishnet stockings in green and orange so I had to get them for a shoot.














Next we came across the next location at 186 Providence Rd (EXIT 68 off I-40) Denmark, TN 38391.  This location seemed bigger and had more Star Branded stuff like the Mr. Marcus and James Deen Dong’s, etc.  Sadly this location also had none of my stuff HOWEVER I have emailed corporate and hope to change that.  While there I found a great halter top crotchless body stocking for a future shoot.  If driving the same route this location is def. one to hit up.  REQUEST my stuff!  Let your horny voices be heard LOL

So while visiting cities as long as a Fan/Friend whatever you want to call it wants to shoot a POV video I am down. I’ve noticed that members really enjoy the mixture of a “amateur” type video which is more intimate mixed in with professional really does well. Anyhow I contacted this guy and set up a nice shoot at my hotel. He arrives and is cute, young and ready to play. So the thing with civilian guys and not professional are knowing how to hold camera, watch for the lighting and oh yea CUM ON MY FACE not in my nose (hold tight). We are having fun I am servicing his cock, licking his balls, eating his ass, and then he fucks me missionary while sliding it in deep and teasing me. We do some more oral and I let him hit it a little doggie before I hear him moaning. I take off the condom and tilt my head back as Im laying on the bed and the first couple shots run on my face and BAM in my nose it goes…………VIDEO DON’T LIE.  You can’t blame JR as he was only doing as he was told “CUM ON MY FACE”.  He was a great fuck and baby when he was doing me missionary I was about to cum then.  Great body, amazing dick and just a good hotel fuck.


So Allanah and I started out trip towards Vegas with a club tour in Texas.  As always when I travel across the U.S I stop in adult stores to see if they carry my stuff and to give my followers a nice report on the store so you can support those stores who support the TS genre etc.  My first store was LIONS DEN, UPTON KY  (2833 Weldon Loop Road  Upton, KY 42784).  When you first pull up it kinda looks like a house and then you pull around with nice parking and easy access.  You walk in to a nice large open space, very clean and greeted by the very nice young ladies working.  I went to the Queen hosiery to get something to to wear then checked for my items.  While doing so one of the workers there I spoke with and she informed me that the TS stuff does really well there and she actually knew who I was.  The Wendy Williams Anal Training Kit does well there and they have re-stocked and had several there.  They also carried my lickable body sprays (sold one as I was standing there ) AND they had my Realistic Dong (2).  If passing in that area please stop in and show them some support and grab one of my items.  Their Transsexual DVD selection wasn’t very impressive even though it sales well there.  None of my DVD’s however the stuff they did have was fairly recent and good pricing!  THANKS Lion Den

Next just up the road a bit is DC’S Video  845 Flint Ridge Rd, Horse CaveKY  .    When you are looking to your left you see this HUGE strip mall type with a Red Adult Sign in the middle of it.  Once you get close it says parking for Adult Store in back.  In the back is a large parking lot with an entrance.  When you walk in you are greeted by a toy parrot that scared the shit out of us LOL.   You can tell this store is geared towards more their Adult Arcade’s/Theatre (HUGE).  They do have quite a few DVD’s of all price ranges and a medium toy selection and other novelity items.  We walked around and took it all in.  Their Transsexual selection was about 5 rows however more for those on a budget.  You won’t find Evil Angel, Devils etc however they did have some new stuff mixed in.  Sadly this store didn’t have my toys or DVD’s however I will send them a catalog of each and follow up.  If you are traveling and want to check out the adult Arcade’s then this location is a perfect fit.  ENJOY!!

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