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Latest set on WendyWilliamsXXX is me showing off my new Polka Dot Dress I got in DC, I love how this dress compliments my 46DD breast.  Over 100 high resolution photo’s of me showing off my ass and she-cock.  Currently there are over 25000 photo’s and 60 models on my site so check all the goodies out ASAP.


Immediate Release—-Chatsworth, Ca.
     Wendy Williams kick’s off her Doc Johnson Toy Release Tour in NYC on April 30th with a party at Fusion Lounge (818 10th Avenue (Between 54th Street and 55th Street) presented by NYC Party Promoter Allanah Starr.  Guest’s will be entertained with music by “That Moment”, Transsexual Dancers, and plenty of giveaway’s sponsored by Doc Johnson, Str8CamLube, Ultimate Tgirl Production and Hot Wendy Productions.  Doc Johnson has sent numerous mini back packs containing a bottle of “Wendy Williams Salad Tossing Spray”, Str8CamLube has sent over 100 trial packs of his amazing lube, Wendy will be giving out copies of her latest release “Wendy Williams Uncensored 2” and finally Ultimate Tgirl will be giving out their latest which Wendy is on the cover of “Tgirl Adventures 4”.  If you can’t make the NYC event the next is scheduled for May 6th in Lexington, Ky. at Bluegrass Connection with more event’s to follow in Las Vegas, LA, Reno and Teays Valley WV. 
Doc Johnson released the first of four item’s “Wendy Williams Salad Tossing Spray’s” in Lollipop and Strawberry and will continue in May with “Wendy Williams Anal Training Kit” and the first molded life-sized ass, “Wendy Williams Doggie Style Ass and Balls”.
Fans can check out Wendy at and contact at

Well the last three days in Philly have been quite relaxing as I’ve been moderately lazy.  Yesterday Erik went out to do some store Promo while I got ready for a shoot.  We are staying over in Cherry Hill so mapped out several store’s in the area.  Sadly one wasnt open yet, one wasnt open anymore and the The Red Barn Books was not helpful at all.  HOwever our last stop at Risque Video (23 W. RT. 30) Berlin location. (Note they have several locations in NJ and PA see link).   Tania was working and was BEYOND helpful and they had a DVD of mine as well knew about my Doc Johnson stuff .  They are especially looking forward to getting my Doggie Style Ass.    While there we got a Baby Doll dress for my shoot (see above).  If you are close to the Berlin location they are giving out a 10% OFF for any customer who mentions they saw this post by Wendy Williams.

Today is our last day in Philly before heading too NYC for my Toy Release Party and 5 nights of fun!  If you are in NYC then you MUST come see me April 30th at Fusion Lounge.

Here is a Easter Treat for you, Video Preview of Noriko

Who would think that after searching all over DC (6 stores to be exact) that we only found 1 store actually open LOL, that is Capital Video Sales (1729 Connecticut Avenue).  Erik said the staff was so nice and willing to talk shop.  Jerry was very helpful and said that they get my DvD’s often but were currently sold out.  Of my Doc Johnson item’s they really think that my Doggie Style Ass would do well and they plan on looking into stocking it once it is ready for sale, so make sure if you are in the area to check them out and tell Jerry to get my ass, hehe

So Saturday morning we have packed up and left lovely DC heading too Philly (actually Cherry Hill).  On the way we decided to stop in Baltimore and hit up a few stores.  First on the list was Chained Desires (136 W. Read Street).  It was raining badly out so my lazy ass sat in the car while poor Erik ran in the store.  The store is designed more towards fetish, domination, BDSM, etc.  While there Erik spoke to the very friendly Chris.  They don’t carry DvD’s however Chris feel’s that my Anal Training Kit and the Lickable Body Sprays would do well there, so I will keep everyone updated once they start carrying those item’s so you can stop in and show them some Wendy Fan love.  Meanwhile check out their website (linked above) and stop in and tell Chris Wendy say’s hello.

Next up the street is Read Street Video (211 West Read Street) which has DVD sales and a great rental section, currently they do not have any Hot Wendy Production DVD’s however we will be contacting the owner this week to hopefully get them stocked.  Then back in the car Erik and I go too Baltimore Road which I have never seen so many strip club’s with mean looking men standing outside in one stretch therefore who do you think got out, LOL?  Yes Erik!  First he stopped in Big Top Video and Gayety Video both had novelty and DvD’s but none of my stuff, we will keep in touch. 

Finally we stopped at Apex (110 S. Broadway) as Chris told us that I have a big request there however we didnt know it’s geared toward’s more an Adult Theatre so we didnt make it past the door guy LOL, we did drop off a catalogue (keep you posted).

Amy Daly wants to change her profession form doing Porn too becoming a full-time Nanny or even take up baby sitting but she soon find’ s out that when a horny Dad know’s who she is there are perks!  Amy Daly really pull’s off this “girl next door” look and I’m sure any Dad or Couple would jump to hire this young lady.

Check out

Erik and I packed up the car yesterday and headed too DC (actually Crystal City).  We mapped out the store’s on the way and off we go.  Sad time’s when the first two are closed however we crossed out fingers for The Locked Door 2 in Hagerstown, MD to be open (1300 Dual Highway # B).  Its convient off the exit and we pulled up to the building and Erik stepped in.  The top floor is a very extensive clothing area with lot’s of stripper clothes, lingerie, hose, etc.  Then downstairs you find their Adult DvD’s, novelty items and such.  Though they don’t at this time carry my Doc Johnson item’s or DvD’s I am happy to report that after speaking to the owner they will be carrying it all soon as well as me possibly making a in store apperance in the near future.  If you are near Hagerstown, MD please stop in and tell Paula hello from Wendy!

Traffic began getting bad so we skipped out next store and just drove too Crystal City and checked in to our 15th floor hotel room and rested.  The next morning Erik got up and headed out to do some promotional work as I entertained friend’s :).  First he stopped at MVC Late Night in Falls Church Va (5625 Leesburg Pike), you enter the bottom floor which contains novelty, lingerie, lube etc.  He instantly noticed in the glass case two bottle’s of my lickable body spray’s.  Then upstairs is the DVD’s and sadly no Hot Wendy roduction DvD’s.  He did say that the staff was very polite, helpful and accomaditing, THANKS GUYS!

Finally he made his way too Video Movie Liquidators (644 South Pickett Street).  This store as you enter is full of mainstream non adult videos, as enterting the back you finally see the adult section.  We are happy to say that they did carry some Hot Wendy Production DvD’s.  This store does not carry toy/novelty items!

After all his driving around we headed to Hamburger Hamlet and had a nice dinner, I got my nail’s touched up and then headed back to the hotel and shot a few new set’s of photo’s………..Previews to come Soon!

While I was in Vegas for AEE Expo in January I shot a hot solo scene for Producer Jon Sable.  I must say that the hotel suite, costuming, photographer , EVERYTHING was amazing.  I really gave a great solo with a nice cum shot at the end.  Show some support and grab this DvD.  The scene will eventually be up on the website too.


TrannyBox Website


So Ive started  my trip up too Nyc for my party on April 30th in Nyc at Fusion Lounge.  So I decided since I was going to drive to stop at Adult store’s to not only promote my DVD’s but my Toy Line with Doc Johnson.  So my first city is Pittsburgh and it’s been many year’s since I’ve been here.  I priced a nice hotel with an awesome top floor view and was ready to start shooting not only new photo’s for my website but hit the store’s also.   My photographer Erik drove so we packed up the car with some promo stuff after we did a a store search on PornFinder.  It said there were three stores downtown off Liberty or Blvd. of the Allies.  The two off Liberty were closed but we found an Adults Mart on 346 Blvd. of the Allies.  So we opened up the door went up the stairs and it was a small location with a focus on Video Booths.  Instantly I checked out the DVD section and there were no Hot Wendy Production DvD’s, none I’ve starred in however they did have a few new releases from Evil Angel and Mancini Productions.  They also did not have any of my Lickable body sprays.  I will say the guy behind the desk was very friendly, smiling and of the three was the most personable.  So we made our way to the car and headed out of downtown too McKnight street.  First top was 4611 McKnight which was a big store, very clean, and def. alot of novelty item’s. 

 There were three worker’s working on what I think was some new stock.  Anyhow I made my way to the clothing section to find a baby doll dress for my shoot.  While there Erik went over to the novelty section to see if they have my stuff.  I will say I did find  a cute dress which you will see soon :)…To my surprise they did have two of my Strawberry flavored on the shelf. yeaa  So as I was checking out I introduced myself too “D” the clerk and she politely said “thanks for stopping in”, so then I asked if they had ever had lollipop flavor and she said yes and more to come.  She bagged up my dress and that was it.  She wasnt rude but she was very short and really not impressed with who I was.  So I checked out the DVD section which was very scarce of Transsexual title’s and only one that Ive been in “Tranny of the Year”.   Overall more Brazillian stuff and not alot of it either, but amazing clothing and novelty section.

Finally we ended up at the 7600 McKnight store.  As you walk in you can tell they have done renevation on this 30 year location (per the clerk).  It was bright, clean and inviting.  Again not much Transsexual stuff however they did have as in the downtown location some new releases, they also have Video Booths in the back.  I introduced myself to the clerk and she was again like the other clerk not impressed LOL…This location had none of my Dvd’s or sprays!

If you are in Pittsburgh please head over to the 4611 location and grab one of my lickable body spray’s.  Also if you live there and want my Dvd’s email them and tell them to stock Hot Wendy Production DvD’s.

Tomorrow I will hit up some more stores and have some new photo’s of me posing at my hotel and elsewhere!

Adults Mart Website



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