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So Im sitting here kinda bored watching my cats sleep.  Being home in Kentucky is definently nice and plenty of time to gather my thoughts and work. I enjoy blogging, networking with fans and being so close to my family.  One thing about being in Kentucky is the love for U.K basketball so its nice to be here and get all excited for the season to officially start.  One thing that Ive started doing is using my Degree in Communications from Eastern Kentucky University to do some Public Relations work for some friends: Danielle Foxxx, Jesse, Mandy Mitchell and dvd releases from the Solo Shemale-Club network.  I am working on a site so you can keep up with events, dvd releases and news from those above.  I helped Danielle to get booked on several radio shows and awaiting her date for Industry Radio, Jesse will have a store signing in San Diego in December and Mia Isabella has a dvd coming out Nov. 24th (stay tuned).  So whats going on with me?  Well if all things go as planned (fingers crossed) on Dec. 16th I will be having some minor things done: lip filler, botox, and lypo under my chin AND the big news is increasing my breast size from a 36C too a full D or maybe DD (appointment on Nov. 12th for consulation with Dr. Shantz).  So since I am not traveling much till Vegas in January Ive been doing alof of Phone Sex calls and cam shows!  What I like about the cam shows is the interaction and hearing how guys love ladies like me, its truly stimulating.  The phone sex allows me to be as dirty as I want and really say what I want LOL!!  So my life as this point is very calm and Im focusing on myself and my website!  Well its 8:32pm here on a Saturday night and Im going to rent a movie and just relax with my cats and thoughts!



Love, Wendy


So finally Im home and settled to do some webcam shows for my website members!  On Nov. 5th and 6th I will be doing a LIVE webcam/show starting at 10pm Eastern.  You MUST be a member of to see this show live!  I am offering a promotional Join for only 15.99 for the month, recurring at 21.99 for those who just wish to sign up for the two webcam shows and chat!  You never know who will stop over to join me or say hello during the show so you dont want to miss out. I am testing a new program for this so lets hope it works, if not Ill jump on Yahoo cam (transsexualparadise is the handle).  Again Thursday and Friday at 10pm Eastern I will be doing a LIVE cam/chat for members of……….Once you join the site there will be a link in the members area to take you to the link for the cam show tomorrow!



Mandy Mitchell isn’t your typical Transsexual Porn star and that’s what makes her memorable and special. She doesn’t live in L.A, loves to have sex with women, loves fetish/kink and is all natural.  Not since Joanna Jet and Vicki Richter have we seen a performer that genuinely loves women, men, other transsexuals.  Mandy proclaims herself as a “switch” and ranges her sexuality from vanilla too kink.  Many readers ask how she is pushing the boundaries?  As a performer and producer myself I am neutral enough to recognize a “star” especially when someone like Mandy makes it so apparent with her work. For example Mandy is the FIRST transsexual to do a scene with a pregnant female! Pregnant female Muffy and Mandy just shot this scene for Mandy’s Official web site  This isn’t the first boundary Mandy has pushed for an American Ts Star and its all for her fans inside her site. Whether its extreme bondage, fucking a submissive ts, fucking another ts or being filled with big black cock  Mandy continues to think outside of the box when it comes to her fans and what she enjoys!!  Don’t let her girl next door looks fool you because this is one kinky girl.


1. How did you get involved in Porn?
I had been a part of sex positive and kink communities for several years
and had many friends and lovers who were amateur porn makers, small time
models for porn companies etc… I’m very open minded when it comes to sex
and I am an exhibitionist so porn seemed like a natural way for me to
share that with the world and make some money while I was at it.

2.  When did you identify with being a transsexual and  describe your
transition or profess of transitioning?

I came out about being Transsexual in late 2001 when I was 20 years old. I
had known all my life that I wasn’t a boy but I was socialized in an
intensely religious and repressed world and had no knowledge of TS. It
wasn’t until I moved away from that world that I discovered that I wasn’t
the only person in the world who experienced gender dysphoria. From there
I was diagnosed with GID, started hormones, had my orchiectomy (removal of
testicles) in the Summer of 2004, and then recently had a tracheal shave
to reduce the visibility of my adams apple.

3.  How do you identify your sexuality?

I’m attracted to people, especially people who love sex. Really I’m
attracted to people of all gender presentation and body types.  I tend to
have close relationships with women and more physical relationships with
men. I use men for sex. Lol.

4.  What kind of Porn do you ENJOY making or want to make for  your fans?

I really love capturing good authentic sexual interactions and sharing
them with others. I want to make movies where it is obvious that everyone
involved is having a great time and doing things they love. I want to make
movies for my fans that really capture the intensity and pleasure of
whatever sexual interaction I’m having. My hope is that my movies not only
will turn people on, but maybe in some small way improve their sex lives
as well.

I also want to make movies that are visually and mentally engaging to some
extent as well. I put a lot of thought and effort into many of my scenes
and I really want my audience to enjoy and appreciate that.

5.  What is a normal day like for Mandy?

Well it depends on whether I’m in California or the Pacific Northwest. If
I’m at home in the Pacific Northwest I generally spend a lot of time
practicing the piano, gardening, hiking, spending time with my friends
and of course my lover Sarah. If I’m in California I spend a good deal of
time shooting content for my site, shopping for outfits, getting my hair
and nails done,  networking with other people who work in the adult
entertainment industry, and of course letting off steam and having fun
with friends.

6.  What is your honest opinion of the material currently on  the She male

I’m not really the best judge. A lot of it doesn’t appeal to me in the
least bit but it is obviously quite lucrative. There are only a few
companies producing TS porn in the US and because of that there is a
fairly limited scope of material being produced. I think there is a lot of
room for improvement, and a substantial audience exists eager for
something new.

7.  What makes you different than your fellow entertainers  within your

I think it’s a combination of factors. I have mostly avoided cosmetic
surgery and instead opted for castration and hormone therapy, so I don’t
physically look like a lot of the other TS porn stars. (although that is
more and more changing) I’m really into women and most of the other girls
I’ve met are pretty straight (as in they like men). I’m really the only
person in the industry who has ever made BDSM movies with TS and females
or TS on TS. I really love playing with women so I have a commitment to
shooting that kind of content.

 8.  Please tell us about any upcoming projects you are excited  about?

I’m currently moving to San Fransisco where I plan on shooting some really
hot scenes over the next couple of months with me as a submissive. I plan
on taking the intensity of my scenes to a whole new level.

9.  I identify you as “pushing boundaries” would you agree  with that
statement and if so how can you continue doing so?

I guess you could say that. A lot of the sex that I really enjoy is
considered by many people to be really hardcore. I’m not trying to shock
people I just happen to love filthy raunchy, hardcore sex. I love fisting,
squirting, bondage, water sports, hardcore face fucking, power play,etc..
and I include them in my movies because they turn me on and I derive great
pleasure from them. As long as the TS genre remains relatively vanilla
people will think I’m pushing boundaries.

10. You just recently did a video with a pregnant female, why and  describe
the sexual pleasure from this type of visual  stimulation?

Muffy (the pregnant woman I shot a scene with)  approached me early on in
her pregnancy and suggested we shoot a scene together when she was further
along in her pregnancy. I thought it was a great idea because Muffy is a
total babe and I knew it would please a lot of my fans to watch. I didn’t
see her for a while and forgot all about it, but then I bumped into her at
the Folsom st. fair and she brought it up again. I was able to set it up
so Muffy and I drove down to LA and shot the scene together.

I was really nervous, Muffy was very preggers, 8 months and I had to be
much more aware of everything we did because of it. She was really horny
and it was kind of amazing fucking her. I’ve never fucked a pregnant woman
before and it was a really unique experience. Her tits were especially
amazing, they were huge (FF) and such a dramatic contrast to my small
perky A cups.

11.  Are there any porn performers (female, male or she male)  that have
inspired you or you can relate too as a performer?

Sure a number of people. I think Princess Donna (Wired Pussy, Public
Disgrace, makes some really fantastic porn and is an amazing
performer. I think Belladonna is a total inspiration. On the TS side of
things Danielle Foxx is someone who I admire very much for her work, I
think her post op site is awesome. .

12.  Do you ever seeing yourself loosing the “girl next door”  natural look
and possibly having cosmetic surgery or breast  enlargement?

It is not something I’m planning on. I really love my body as it is. Maybe
I won’t be the “girl next door” as I get older, but I doubt you will see
any drastic changes anytime soon.

13.  Tell us about Mandy the “girlfriend” who are you, who is  your lover,
and how do you separate your work from your personal  life?

I have been in a very loving and committed non-monogamous relationship
with my partner Sarah for the last 5 years. At home we spend a lot of time
in bed, especially when it rains for 4 months straight. We garden
together, go on long hikes, play music (I play the piano and she sings and
plays guitar)  I don’t really play with other people when I’m spending
time with her. Then when I’m away I play with whomever I like. We were in
an open relationship before I started doing porn, so it hasn’t really ever
been much of an issue. We have shot a few scenes together and that was
awesome, I hope she will decide to do more with me in the future. So much
for separating work and personal huh?

14.  Being a “switch” do you prefer one over the other and  what is your
ideal partner in that ideal situation?

No, I really don’t have a consistent preference. It changes on an
individual basis and for periods of time. My ideal partner is someone who
knows how to enjoy themselves and is good at communicating what they like.
I really love other switches, people who love to get fucked but also know
how to take charge and satisfy me. But really its all great, dom/sub just
depends on the chemistry.

15.  What web sites or networks can your fans see more of  you?

Well they can of course see me on my own site, and they
can also see me at, Shemale Club, Shemale
Strokers, TS Seduction, Shemaleyum, Transsexdomination, Franks Tgirls,
Bobstgirls, Private Transexual, and in several DVD releases as well.

16.  Give me one con and one pro about being a transsexual who  does PORN?

One pro about being a TS who does porn, is that the pay rate is generally
better for TS per scene than it is for female performers. The con is that
there are only a few companies that produce TS movies so a TS performer
has to really hustle to make a good income from porn.

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