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Kimber James one of the newest stars to errupt on the scene not long ago does a first for her site and her fans, she tops!  Kimber fucks Female Sensaton and her good friend Angelina Valentine.  Kimber is known for being a bottom girl taking some big dicks and strap ons but a first for both ladies is Angelina getting fucked by Ts Pornstar Kimber James and Kimber being fully erect and giving it to her.  Fans of Kimber James will get to see this set of pics and HD Video coming soon to KIMBERS OFFICIAL WEBSITE!




Happy to say that the gorgeous mature and inelligent Jasmine Jewels has launched her official website.

From her site:

I am a very feminine and naturally beautiful pre-op transsexual, nearly
5’7″ & 132lbs, 34C-26-36. Intelligent, witty and charming, I am an avid
reader and reside just north of downtown Chicago. I use Pilates, cross-training and nutrition to mantain a feminine & athletic dancer’s body
with long toned legs, piercing green/blue eyes & baby soft ivory skin.
Long blonde hair frames my beautiful face and alluring smile!







:As many of you have heard or read on many blogs the Adult Industry is currently with a “scare”. What has happen according to many blogs is that a Female Talent apparently was postive and a producer didnt follow up on her test and she shot with several men. Both men have tested negative but still there are situations concerning her test with A.I.M *Adult Industry Testing* , the producer and the female talent.  So what does any of this have to do with the transsexual niche?  Here we go so grab your drink and sit back and try and follow me LOL.

Lets do some history and some information that many of you might find interesting or not.  Transsexual Porn is classified as Straight Specality.  Why Straight? This is a debate that many have had for as long as Ive been around. All I can say is that gay men like masculinity and in the gay community transsexuals have served as a form of entertainment on stage but not in the bedroom.  Men that  I have encountered have always indentifed themselves as “straight”. They like the feminine qualites that make us a transsexual and the dick is sort of a fetish.  Now on the other side they say if you like dick than you are gay. I honestly am not here to put anyone in a box and if a guy who doest like men but likes a transsexual says he is straight than so be it.  So obviously the adult industry had to market our porn to those who buy it, guess what that is STRAIGHT and or curious men.  There is no market for a gay company to produce this content so most are all big straight companys like Evil Angel and Devils Film.  Our genre is celebrated in the regular Avn Awards and we are held to the same standards of the straight adult community.

Standards?  In the Adult Industry in order to protect talent A.I.M (  For 125.00 bucks talent can get tested for H.I.V  (About the test: The HIV/PCR DNA qualitative test will detect early HIV infection by looking for the inhibitory substance of the HIV virus itself. This test typically will find HIV between 10 and 14 days after exposure. The HIV Elisa test looks for the person’s antibody response to the HIV virus. This test will detect HIV between 6 weeks and 6 months of exposure. )  With this test we are also tested for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.  We as talent are expected to keep a fresh test every 30 days!  Producers are given access to a database where he or she can log in and get the results to VERIFY he/she has current and clean test.  Sadly in the Gay Adult Industry there is no standard unless you are a company like Chi Chi Larue who requires condoms on ALL shoots!  So here is where the problem occurs for ladies like myself.

Stereotypes?  Sadly since there are those close minded individuals who only see black and white I am often grouped into the gay community which by all means is High Risk (anal sex penetration from dick to ass).  Also there have been a reported case of Transsexuals in Brazil infecting U.S talent. So those who are close minded and or biggoted choose to take those statistics and or reports and automatically group ALL transsexuals as high risk and dangerous for cross over male talent and or females!  My argument is if I am freshly tested and my male talent and I am doing everything that a female pornstar is than why am I being stereotyped as a danger to the adult industry?  Gay males are the second highest risk group to African American Females.  I dont have sex with “gay” men, I am tested on a regular basis, and in my personal life I DONT do drugs or drink NOR do I have unprotected sex.  I understand those who are skeptical and or dont understand but spreading lies and or supporting stereotypes OUTSIDE of the Adult Industry is not fair for ladies like myself who follow the same guidelines as Courtney Cummz who recently voiced her concern about “shemales” and or “gay” males!  I as an adult in the Adult Industry just EXPECT that I am given a fair playing field based on my actions not my sex!

Double Standards?  If you havent heard of ChristianXXX than you really arent keeping up LOL  Christian in the early part of his career did a few gay films before moving over to working daily with females. He also works with transsexuals and has taken alot of heat from both females putting him on their no list for that practice and alot of fans who call him “trannyfucker” or “chrissy”. Christian has NOT done a gay film in many years but because of his work with transsexuals many feel he is wrong for not informing EVERy single talent “oh by the way Ive worked with a transsexual”. Christian has an amazing record of testing for MANY years every month.  Then you have male talent like Chris Strokes who lost an amazing gig with Brazzers for allowing a male to perform oral on him in a video. Brazzer fans apparently didnt like it because it was “gay” .  Then there are performers like  TJ Cummings and Seth Dickens who have a gay past but are working on the flip side now and you hardly hear any of those same people screaming for them to leave porn.  I believe that Christians harsh personality and attitude has brought alot of it on him however my point isnt to cast stones but wonder why its ok for female talent to work with a transsexual and not get the same backlash as Christian has?  I can honestly see the line being drawn with gay porn because of the testing standards but not so much with a fellow A.I.M tested TS!  Also how can we make a line when you have ALOT of female on female scenes out there. If we insist on that line to be made than how can we pick and choose which varieties of the gay/bi/tranny scenario go where?

HIV is scarey and by all means we have the right to CHOOSE whom we work with and dont need to validate those reasons to anyone!  My problem is when those “fans” choose to be so harsh with using a deadly disease as a way to cast doubt on an ENTIRE commnity, in this case American Transsexuals!  I want to make it clear that not EVERY person or company is doing the right thing Im sure!  I only ask and wish to have a HEALTHY debate with those who argue that American Transsexuals who follow the same guidelines as female talent are making this Industry more dangerous?

The Adult Industry is full of dangerous sexual activity from creampies, gangbangs to hardcore fetish but that is the reason why GUIDELINES are given in order to PROTECT those involved.  I only as that TS companys and or talent DEMAND that we continue to VOICE safe sex in our community. That whether it be internet or DVD that all involved are tested or mandatory condoms!  Those who dont understand my choices will never bend on the issue HOWEVER the best way to fight those stereotypes is to lead by example.

As part of the GLBT Community I look forward to the day that the Gay Industry DEMANDS testing of all their talent. Until then I only ask that my fellow TS Sisters always strive to be treated equal.  Being equal means testing yourself and requiring your male talent to be tested also.  Testing is the ONLY way (condoms or not) that we can continue to fight those that say we dont belong were we are today!

So how did a Female testing positive bring on this discussion?  Sadly anytime HIV is brought up and or discussed the transsexual/gay community is an easy scape goat.  Its easier to point fingers than look at one’s own life and how you could help with the problem and not ad to it!

Finally I am NO Saint and not trying to say Im perfect but I can say that I make sure my body is safe and the environment for my talent are also!

I welcome HEALTHY debate/suggestions/feedback

Wendy Williams
2009 AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year

Below are some links to topics of where you can see some harsh and or stereotypical comments:

This thread is about the director in Question who happens to also be a director of Tranny/bi/straight and fetish films, so since he is bi all of a sudden TS Porn is brought into it:

This thread by the “colonel” truly supports some of those sad stereotypes I face in this Industry:

Read this last paragraph of Courtney Cummz Blog:


So in 2001 I was living in Nky/Cincy when a friend said lets do a website where you can meet guys! Originally the site wasnt a paysite but just a place for my inner exhibitionist to show off!  In 2001 there were very limited solo sites (Meghan Chavalier, FoxyAngel, TonyasWorld, etc) so I was getting alot of emails asking me to show more!  My friend at the time set my site up as a paysite in his name and we made some really great money FAST. So into early 2002 he got married and wanted out which left me with no webmaster and or at that time processing company. Webmaster 2 from Chicago was referred by a mutual friend and he and I started my adult site which had ALOT of affiliate content and some small galleries of me posing and occasionally showing a cock shot LOL.  I then moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 2002 for a relationship and wanted out of the xbiz. After a year with the site down in 2003 he and I broke up and I met Herman (Webmaster 3). Herman was not only a great webmaster but learning photography (now he is  a big shooter for Grooby Prodctions). For several years Herman and I worked togethor and I built my site with good content and videos. I was learning the ropes from FoxyAngel of how to run my site and giving the fans what they wanted.  Lets back up that in 2002 I shot for Shemaleyum (pre face surgery, breast, hips, etcc).  So Herman wanted out of the webmaster arena and focus on his photography skills so I changed to Webmaster 4 Jonathon LOL……….Jonathon was a big computer tech and really was only helping me out until I got my shit togethor.  By this time I had developed a cute fan base, starred in a few videos and was getting serious about my website. During this time IBILL who was the Industrys leading credit card processor stopped paying and then just up and left everyone high and dry.  They owed me over 20g when they closed and I lost all my members I had. I then had to start over with a new company. In 2003 I had shot for Joanna Jet which lead to casting Jet Set 4 for her and eventually becoming her assistant and moving to L.A in 2004.  Joanna has a great web script which would make running the site easier for me and I then changed to Joanna as my webmaster 5 LOL.  In 2006 Joanna had problems with her VIsa and had to close her offices in L.A and remain in London!  During this time Joanna and I lost contact and my website went down off the net for many months. During this time I decided to move back to Kentucky in May of 2006 to get my career back on track and my finances LOL.  I finally got motivated to get my website back up and running and researched to find webmaster #6 Vincent.  In December of 2007 launched and has updated EVERY Monday since.  My memberships have grown, fans come and go and most importantly I am finally comfortable with the direction of the site.

So how did I come up with ““?  I want to stress that I never thought I was “hot”. In 2001 when we were coming up with a name we were aware that Wendy Williams was probably trade marked by Wendy Williams of the Plasmatics.  My stage name had been Wendy Williams for years so I wanted to keep that name.  My friend and webmaster at the time decided becase I had red hair we should add “hot” and thus the name began.  Since then I also found out that there is a NYC Shock Jock Wendy Williams.  My name is legally Wendy Williams now and I wish we would have used WendyWilliamsXXX but who knew then I would go on to be a “Pornstar”, LOL!  So with that being said you now see how it all began, name wise!!

The two logos above were done by my fello affiliate sister Jamie Coxxx of Jamie is a brilliant creative mind and I highly recommend anyone needing some graphic work done to contact her HERE!  Jamie has redone my logo many times to fit my needs and finally I am happy! I really wanted to incorporate WendyWilliamsXXX but since my name is branded with “” we left the url on the logo!  Thanks to Jamie and you ROCK!!  As you see the top logo will be the official logo to go on all my photo sets and my company logo that is currently in use will remain on all dvd products!


 Official Website Logo:

Comapany Logo:


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We will be posting galleries throughout the months of beautiful Ebony Tgirls to see which girls get the most feedback in order to decide whom to hire for hardcore scenes! Lady Godiva is an Indy Tgirl who has a thick booty, great smile and hungry appetite for dick! Over 150 HiRes photos of this beatiful Ebony Goddess!

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Shemale SuperStar Jade will provide a first for not only but Sexxy Jade herself tomorrow on Jade is one of the top Transsexual Performers in the Industry and has a nomination under her belt for AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year and will be the first Transsexual to appear on a site outside of their very popular TS Site  TsSeduction.  Jade recently has found that she not only enjoys Domination work but actually is very good at it. BDSM fans can check out Jade’s LIVE SHOW at Device Bondage tomorrow! 

Live Device Bondage Show June 20th. A live subscriber & pay per minute event. Pre-show chat starts at 12pm PDT – live show runs from 1-4pm PDT. Featuring: Lorelei Lee, Sexy Jade and Jade Indica.
“I am excited and ready to give a great live show, I hope that first like this will help me be the first African American Transsexual to win AVN TS Performer of the Year” and to show people that we as TS performers can work outside of our genre/niche” says Jade.


2009 Avn Transsexual Performer of the Year will be hosting a 4th of July Bash at the BlueGrass Connection in Lexington, Kentucky from 9pm-2am.  Tgirl Fans/Admirers will be treated to several Ts dancers and DVD Giveaways sponsored by and HotWendy Productions.  Wendy will be signing promotional photos and DVD’s as well as taking the stage throughout the night. 
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