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I often am asked who I look up too in the Porn Industry. Ive always said Gia Darling for remaining true to herself and creating an Empire, Joanna Jet for her friendship and help, finally the one and only CHI CHI LARUE who made being a drag queen more than a line of entertainment in a gay bar.

Lets get real for a moment! Sadly in the gay community and transsexual community H.I.V is something that most are exposed too either themselves or a friend. I have had many ts and gay friends pass away and know of MANY who are positive. You would think with such a crisis that 2 things would happen within the gay/bi/trans community, MANDATORY TESTING OR CONDOMS ONLY! In the straight community A.I.M testing is mandatory for anyone to work. I will say that American Ts are required by most of the big companies in order to work. We are checked for H.I.V, ghonerrehia and chylmedia (sorry if spelling is off). Then all producers have a way to check your test results via the computer that is networked with A.I.M. Does it help? Yes. Is it 100% NO. Sadly alot of websites, smaler companies dont require testing and or we all know that escorting is huge among the ts Industry. Now to the gay side of things. Very few companies require A.I.M testing and as far as I know Chi Chi is the only company that REQUIRES condoms on ALL shoots! For reasons that I mentioned most ts and alot of gay performers are stereotyped for HIGH RISK. Another obstacle in my community is the HIGH and I stress HIGH H.I.V rate in Brazil and the news of deaths are almost monthly! Then you ad that gossip to a biggots opinion and you have this Industry stereotype. Example Christian formally known as Max Diesel did only about 10 gay videos (all condom) then moved too doing work with transsexuals. For the past 3 years I bet he hasnt missed his montly test yet he is often picked on and stereotyped because he works with shemales and or worked in the gay community in the past.

So why am I writing this post? I just finished watching Chi Chis latest project, SafeSexisHotSex, and at one point I began to cry. Why? I guess because it home that I have friends dying of H.I.V and friends LIVING with H.I.V.

Transsexual Porn is classified by the Industry as Straight:Speciality because our fans are mostly bi, married and straight men. SO here is my question that Im thinking about. My porn is a fantasy for most. Most men in relationships or married with this fantasy deep inside. They watch my porn as an escape to the unknown so does this porn or could my videos cause a man to be motivated to explore this fantasy and once seeing bareback sex then do it with some who isnt being tested? I have worked so hard to fight those stereotypes but by producing bareback sex even though its A.I.M regulated am I doing enough? Do I need to pressure my fellow website companies and transsexual sisters to STOP shooting bareback or require ALL models be A.I.M tested?

How do you feel?

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