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Well here it is a day away from February, the month of love. Once again I am and will be alone though I have a sexy young Wisconsin man who could be a nice Valentine. I wanted to get a quick jump on my Valentine photos so last night I need a nice gallery which will go live on on Feb. 4h. I hope you enjoy the preview pics from the shoot and remember to join to see the xxx versions.



So its time to announce the next webcam show for my members and special invites. The next cam show will be on Yahoo (“transsexualparadise”) at 7pm Eastern Time. As always if any local guys (Lexington, Ky) would like to fluff and or be apart of the show please email me.    I look forward too seeing you on yahoo!Wendy

Jazzmen ScreenShot

Todays Video Live Update on is the downloadable, quicktime and windows media versions of Jazzmen Dane (Scene from Wendys Wild Shemales 7)……….

For members I also added the wmv. AEE Interview Video of me.

Enjoy and hope you join to see the latest update.

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Well I just completed Tonights (Sunday 27th) Cam Show on Yahoo and I want to thank the 27 members who came out, sorry the fluffer didnt show up. The cam show lasted about 45 minutes ending with a nice cum shot (pictures to prove it)……..I didnt take alot of pics through logitech because I was running late to get set up. However I did grab my camera and snap a few cock shots, cum shot and pics of my laptop screen for ya. I want to give my fans and supporters one on one interaction so this is why I do the cam shows for you………..I will announce the next cam show here in a couple days.

Love you all Wendy

P:S Thankyou to the guy from Denmark for the cam inspiration!

Wendys Wild Shemales 1 Nomi X Nomi X
Nomi X

If you havent heard of Nomi X then you have to be a newcomer to the shemale world. Nomi X is one of those girls who has a natural sexual appeal on and off camera. Nomi X shot her last video in 2004, Wendys Wild Shemales 1. Nomi X has starred in over 30 videos and was nominated in 2004 for “Transsexual Performer of the Year”. I was happy to see Nomi back and I hope to get her shot again soon. features 3 sets of photos and her hardcore video from Wendys Wild Shemales 1. Make sure you check out this amazing Goddess and all her ASSsets 🙂

Jazzmen DaneJazzJazzmenWendys Wild Shemales 7Wendys Wild Shemales 2GIa Darling Saltues America Back

**NOTE her full length Downloadable video will be available on Monday Jan. 28th!

Jazzmen debut on Wendys Wild Shemales 2 and is in the upcoming release Wendys Wild Shemales 7 (due in February).  Jazzmen is your typical All American Shemale except for her uncanny ability to talk shit to her guys and you better be able to fuck her GOOD and hard, doesnt hurt she has huge D cup titties!

In her upcoming scene for Wendys Wild Shemales 7 you can see her take a large toy as she jacks her 6′ cock off and shoots her warm clear load!

Fans can check her out on MYSPACE HERE!

Other titles Jazzmen has starred in Wendys Wild Shemales 2 and Gia Darling Salutes America. Just click the dvd cover to order the dvd! 🙂


My production Company is known for its Transsexual Titles and my signature series “Wendys Wild Shemales” shares the catalog with a Straight Series “Craving Cock”, My Amateur Straight Title “Big Dicks Road Trips”, and my Straight FemDom Title “Mistress Astria’s Dungeon”………I am happy to announce “JackingOff4u” which stars true life gay, straight, bi men stroking off to porn with toys or using a toy for anal stimulation……………….

JackingOff4u Stars: Damien XXX, Big O, Henry Wadsworth, Brynn Dane, and Jerome. Here is a little background on each guy.

DamienXXX–Indentifies Straight but admits to having fucked both females and shemales. His cock is easily 9 thick and he is a rugged sexy guy who loves to fuck hard, from Florida and currently involved with a female.

Big O– Straight from NYC this sexy Dominican stud and his 9 VERY thick cock. Big O is straight but has allowed a few shemales to suck him off. Though he loves to fuck a nice pussy he really loves jacking off to porn.

Henry Wadsworth- This good ole Kentucky Construction worker straight up loves PUSSY. Though he has thought about allowing a guy to suck him off for money he hasnt yet.

Brynn Dane- This Ohio Guy now identifies himself as gay though he started out married and with 3 kids. Watch how he takes his very large toy and shows you want a real man can do with it.

Jerome– Another Kentucky guy I met while I was working at the Adult Store, he loves sex and this is why he is bisexual. Jerome has a huge 10″ cock and loves for guys, girls or shemales to suck it off.

JackingOff4u Releases in February, enjoy the preview!

Buck Fever Wendy and Buck

I wanted to share a story about someone whom I find to be very unique yet grounded and his name is, Buck Angel. Buck ANgel is the first female too male transsexual as he likes to say “A Man with a Pussy”. Yes he was born a woman and after steroids and hormone therapy, working out, and transitioning he is now a very sexy muscular daddy. Buck underwent surgery to remove his breast but has decided not for the surgery where they can try and form a dick. I remember when Buck first started and was emailing everyone to exchange links with him and how some people ignored him, now look at him! I was the 2nd Transsexual to shoot a video with him, Bucks Fever, and in fact his was the 1st Pussy I ever fucked. I have never told anyone that but I had never had sex with a vagina,LOL, until it came attached to a man. It was so mind boggling looking down and seeing his masculine body yet my cock was in his pussy. Now I can only imagine how straight men feel when they are fucking my ass and see a dick swinging, LOL. After that he and I have become such good friends. He is always there for me and when he won Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2007 he really thought it was going to be me so I was the 1st to call him up and say CONGRATS! Buck has BLOWN up Internationally and is slowly opening doors for other FTM to do what they please in the Adult Industry. He truly has been the 1st for many things! I just recently saw Buck in Vegas where we both were signing for If you havent check out Buck please go by his website or join my website to see pics/footage from the video. Hell you can google Buck ANgel and it alone will give you enough surfing material for days……………………….Buck if you read this, I LOVE YOU DEARLY and your wifey!

Oh if you want too see a good Interview with him and hear his masculine sexy voice please visit scroll to the middle and click on his pic to listen to his AEE Videos for 2007 and 2008. Click each pic to go to the page.

Buck Angel Inteview 1 Interview 2

Dominating Divas Theatre Shemale World Theatre BiWay HighWay is not only the official site of me, Wendy Williams but I feature many other models both pics and videos on the site. In order to satisfy every sexuality on my site I am happy to announce that we have 3 different theatre’s in the Members area.

Shemale World Theatre— 4 new Shemale Videos monthly

Dominating Divas–4 Videos for the Lesbian Strap-on Lovers monthly

BiWay HighWay–For those bisexual guys! Male/Male/Female or any combination of bisexuality. 4 new videos monthly.

So thats 12 new videos that are featured monthly extra to the EXCLUSIVE videos of myself and my naughty shemale friends.


Wendy Williams Interview

So I was checking out one of my favorite sites where I got to meet the lovely Lady Venus and the sexy Michael. On first day at the Adult Entertainment Expo I was interviewed by them and now you can see IT HERE! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see me, Also there are MANY Interview Videos on the page including the First Female to Male Transsexual BuckAngel.  Please go peek at it and leave a comment if you like what you heard.

GO HERE TO WATCH INTERVIEW VIDEO *Remember to scroll down to the bottom* 


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