I met Donovan off Craigslist and he said he wanted to try doing Porn. When he showed up and was so tall, muscular and handsome I knew I hit the jack pot. We decided to let the scene flow and instantly we had good chemistry. As he was sucking my cock I could see how big and fat his black cock was and I was ready to taste it. As I sucked his Mandingo cock he stroked mine and moaned with pleasure. I couldn’t wait to put him in Doggie and fuck his tight smooth ass and then flip him over in missionary. Now my cock was throbbing and I was ready to lay on my side and let him tease my tight asshole with his large cock. He slowly slid it in and out until I was ready to mount him and ride. It felt so good that I shot the biggest load right into his mouth while riding him. Seeing my cum shoot across his chest was crazy but it felt so good. I then laid on my stomach and let him pump my ass until he shot his load all over it.



hc0204 IMG_4263 IMG_4310

Every 3rd Friday at BlueGrass Connections in Lexington, KY.

Here are preview photo’s from the July 17th Party, full gallery will be up on WendyWilliamsXXX.com SOON


JulyParty006 JulyParty033 JulyParty055 JulyParty059 JulyParty075 JulyParty084

I am so happy to back updating WendyWilliamsXXX.com.   Latest two photo sets are from my Vegas trip and they both have matching videos that are being edited plus I have a hardcore and a toy solo cumming soon also.   Remember if you join my site you get access to InterracialTgirlSex.com for FREE!  I really hope you enjoy the new updates.


IMG_4148 IMG_4196 we0005 we0068



       BBWCON Hall of Fame


BBW Media Outlet of the Year

BBW Specialty Photographer of the Year


Director of the Year

Josh Stone

Plus Size Adult Novelty Retailer of the Year

California Exotics

Plus Size Lingerie & Clothing Retailer of the Year

Shirley of Hollywood

Special Recognition


Studio of the Year

Sensational Video

Best Ethnic Performer of the Year

Sinful Celeste

Cam Girl of the Year


Fan Favorite

Mandy Majestic

Fetish Performer of the Year

Dirty Little Diva

Interracial Performer of the Year

Lyla Everwett

Male Performer of the Year

Shane Diesel

Newcomer of the Year

Kimmie KaBoom

Specialty Niche Performer of the Year

Amazon Amanda

XXX Crossover Co-Performer of the Year

Alura Jenson

XXX Performer of the Year

Eliza Allure

BBW of the Year

Vylette Vonne

Best Belly of the Year

Alexxxis Allure

Best Boobs of the Year

Kimmie Kaboom

Best Butt of the Year

Victoria Secret

MILF of the Year

Lady Lynn

SSBBW of the Year

SSBBW Kellie Kay

Best Amateur Scene of the Year

Lyla Everwettt & Don Prince

Best BBW DVD Series of the Year

Scale Bustin Babes

Best C4S Store

Best Fetish/Specialty Scene of the Year

Eliza Allure, ChristianX, Tyra Scott

Best Interracial Scene of the Year

Shane Diesel & Ramon vs. Erika Xstacy - PlumperPass

Best Lesbian Scene of the Year

April Flores & Brianna Rose – Marshmallow Girls 2 – Evil Angel

Best Cam Site of the Year


Fetish/Specialty Site of the Year

Multi-Girl Site of the Year

Solo Site of the Year

So I am back  shooting for my website, WENDYWILLIAMSXXX, and decided to get a Belladonna Pocket Pussy for my solo masturbation video.  Here is my review of this product.  I am in Vegas and got it at a local Adult Store off Tropicana.  The pricing was very reasonable at 25 bucks and you can get online for 16.95 HERE.   The packaging is really neat with a very electric Pink box with a picture of the beautiful model herself on the back.  Once you open the box it comes in plastic, there was no smell or odor from the material.  I used my Spunk Lube and put some in the pussy lips of the toy.  After I  got my shecock nice and hard I went to fuck it.  I will say I am girthy and the pocket pussy is fleshy feeling so it is a bit flemzy to hold.  Unlike a fleshlight there is no base to hold the toy however once I got it over my cock it had good suction and fit nicely.  It did feel good and with lube kept my cock hard and felt like I was fucking.  It does have a funny squeeky sound with the motion which was a bit funny but I also liked the “wet” sound it made when I was really stroking it.   For the price its a great value and something fun to use when you want to spice up masturbating.

  • Ultra-realistic material UR3
  • Molded directly from the world’s hottest porn star
  • Exact replication
  • Perfect hand-held size
  • Ribbed internal cavities
  • Anti-Bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula
  • Non-phthalate body safe material
  • Proudly made in America



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I am heading to Vegas for BBWcon and doing a tour on the way there.  If you would like to set up something feel free to email me at wendy@hotwendywilliams.com.  Note I only have a few days in a city therefore pre booking with a deposit is ideal to insure we are able to meet up.

June 27th-  One day only in Columbus, Ohio

June 28th/29th- Dayton, Ohio

June 30th- One day only in Collinsville, Illinois  (St. Louis area)

July 1st/2nd-  Springfield, MO

July 3rd/4th-  Amarillo, TX

July 5th/6th-  Albuquerque, New Mexico

July 7th-13th-  Las Vegas, NV

*****Things could change so email before to make sure the dates are happening as scheduled!

Every 3rd Friday in Lexington, Ky at BlueGrass Connections I have a T-Girl and Admirers Party.  This last party on June 19th was AMAZING with a great turn out.  We had five dancers (Kim, Nikki, Britney, Victoria and Heather) plus myself.  There were quite a few ladies that attended, lots of couples and of course guys came in and out all night.  We have DVD and toy giveaways, a busy lap dance room, and lots of people have fun.  The next party is July 17th, so I hope you can come out.

Location: 942 Winchester Road  Lexington, KY at Bluegrass Connections

Over 140 pictures (softcore) are on my website WendyWilliamsXXX to see the ladies!


JuneParty003 JuneParty028 JuneParty069 JuneParty090 JuneParty102 JuneParty121 JuneParty129 JuneParty135 JuneParty136









Hey everyone I am excited to return to Vegas in July.  While in Vegas I will be shooting content for my website so any guys who are wanting to shoot with me please EMAIL me at wendy@wendywilliamsxxx.com.  While in town I will be attending BBWCON which is 10-12th at the Westgate Casino and Resort.  So if you want to see tons of beautiful BBW women, seminars and Award show then get your tickets NOW.. I hope to see a lot of guys who are into TS women and BBWs come out and show me some support.  So whose coming to see me?




I wanted to talk or blog about a topic that lately that has left me speechless and worried at times, especially a topic in 2015.  For my 10 plus years in the Adult Industry I have always followed the Porn standards of monthly testing whether it be by Industry Standards or at a Health Department.  In all honesty I was never a big advocate of bareback either in my personal life or in Porn work.  In my Porn videos I was always at ease because I could request and verify my partners test.  Now in escorting or “hooking up” I have almost always lived by the cardinal rule “to treat every guy like he is positive” so SAFE SEX.  It hasn’t been until lately that I noticed something in the younger guys on dating sites like Tender and Craigslist that has me worried that our younger generation is clueless to STD education.  I love younger guys and when I am in the mood to hook up or get that urge then I’ll post an ad or check out an app.  Lately I can not tell you how many times guys have asked “are you clean” or “are you disease free”?   REALLY?  Guys do you really think that by asking the question to a stranger that he or she will be honest?  Maybe by asking you feel a sense of false security but that is total bullshit.  I have found myself becoming defensive NOT because I am offended by the question but I am shocked that all it would take is a “yes” and you are ready to get naked.  Then I started thinking since most of these guys identify as “straight” is it because I am a transsexual women you are asking this?  I mean would you ask a genetic female “are you clean”?  I would almost bet the answer is no, magically a vagina will escape many of the stereotypes that I as a transsexual women have to indulge for a few moments of sexual bliss.

I was in Tennessee when I met a 23 year old African American male off Tender and once we talked about me being a TS and his “curosity” of course the famous line comes out like verbal garbage “are you clean”?  I without hesitation said “Do you think a total stranger who is horny is going to give you an honest answer”?  It took a few moments for him to respond and he said “well are you”?   I guess he just didn’t get it.  Obviously as part of the LGBT community I am not naive to the epidemic that was HIV in the 70′s or have I forgotten about the many friends I have lost to the disease, I guess with that history I am a bit more touchy on the subject but it doesn’t excuse the ignorance that comes with the question “Are you Clean”?   I don’t live in some utopia to think that everyone is clean and everyone is honest.  These guys are probably thinking with the other head and don’t want to face the reality or feeding into the stereotypes of transsexual women all being dirty whores with no morals.  But I am not helping that stereotype of being a slut online either so I can’t be shocked but I can be sadden by it.

Guys “Am I Clean”?   YES!  However not every person you decide to stick your dick in is going to be truthful thus why HIV and other STD’s are still an issue.  You should be focusing on SAFE SEX which still feels good.  Nothing wrong with buying a HIV test from a drug store and both you and your partner taking it, but don’t be naive if someone is also offended by that but wouldn’t you feel better knowing for sure there is a test and not taking someone’s word.


FYI I took the OraQuick HIV test and you can buy it online or find a place near you that has it for sale:  PURCHASE HERE